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  1. Customer-facing display?

    Hi there, Does Lavu or a 3rd party offer a customer-facing display for counter service restaurants? A client wants to show customers what is being added to their tab as it is being rung up - and then they were even hoping to have a CC swipe on that display and the customer would then just check themselves out. Anything like this out there? thanks Brian
  2. David, I have posted repeatedly that we have been using the Infinea Tab 2 with great results. At our coffee shop with 100-200 swipes per day.... Been asking for over a year I think for lavu to support it officially... Brian
  3. Credit Card Swipers

    I don't think it will work with Mini - they do have one out for the 4 so hopefully mini-compatible is not far behind...
  4. Credit Card Swipers

    I am not saying I told you so, but again, i have ZERO faith in Magtek...their hardware is crap and the kicker is they will charge you to fix it. HEY POS LAVU, could you please outline the timeline for integration with the Infinea Tab? Like I mentioned above, it works great, but as solacafe mentions above, we are running unencrypted, and probably not so safe. Only problem is, it works. No swipe failures, no hardware disintegrating before your eyes, much easier for employees to use...so we are rocking it at our coffee shop (300 CC swipes per day) until a better solution presents itself.
  5. Credit Card Swipers

    I have been using the unencrypted, non-barcode scanning Infinea Tab from Infinite Peripherals at two locations using MW, about to be three. It is far more stable, far more consistent, and far more durable that the iDynamos. Clients are relieved and happy. As I have stated before, I have no confidence in Magtek and thus am not interested in trying the uDynamo. Magtek has cost me lots of time and money. I hope that these are officially supported by Lavu ASAP brian
  6. Credit Card Swipers

    Again, would love a timeline from Lavu on integration of the Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab. I (and POS Lavu) are close to losing several clients because of the credit card swipe issue. This should be your priority.
  7. CC swiper help

    I want to reiterate that Lavu needs to be actively working to integrate the Infinea Tab swiper from Infinite Peripherals. This is the company that is making the Linea Pro. Lightspeed adopted the Infinea Tab very quickly and we have several clients using it. To say it is an improvement over the iDynamo is an understatement. As one client put it, "We can actually use our iPads now." I have absolutely no faith in the position that the uDynamo will be even a modest improvement over the iDynamo. While perhaps the issues with the 30-pin interface will be resolved, this is not the full breadth of issues with the devices. Build quality, including the USB port breaking, causing a charging issue, and durability, resulting in inconsistent swiping, don't seem to me at least to be addressed by the "new" device. I tested an Infinea Tab with a Lavu installation for a few days and the swipe quality improvement was monumental. I know it is unencrypted and I should not have been using it in production, but the unhappiness of my clients with Magtek's quality is growing increasingly difficult to bear. This device needs to be integrated ASAP. I have just seen prototypes of the new Infinite Peripherals Lightning-compatible models coming out next quarter including the iPad Mini enclosure. They are game changing devices. Lavu, please ensure that we can offer our mutual customer a platform for success. Currently, the inability to consistently take payments is crippling and will result in attrition.
  8. CC swiper help

    Chiming here and echoing the total disaster that the iDynamo is - pretty sure any profit I have made on POSLavu installs is eclipsed by iDynamo troubleshooting. It is at the forefront of my thoughts during every initital conversation I have with a potential client. I played with the Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab at a Lightspeed conference recently and it seems MUCH more solid. on http://www.ipcprint.com/app-partners.html POS Lavu is listed What I want to know, and have been unable to get a clear answer on, is: Will an unencrypted Infinea Tab work with POS Lavu (and MerchantWarehouse, though I think this is irrelevant)??? The Linea Pro is unencrypted, no? Need a better solution! Despise iDynamo (and Magtek*)!!!! Brian * Actually surprised to hear so many people bashing MW here - I think the problems you are having with encryption is MAGTEK's fault, not MW. From my understanding, Magtek is the ONLY company that can actually do the encryption. I just got 4 iDynamos "repaired" by Magtek and they do not work with Merchant Warehouse.