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  1. I have posted this topic before and haven't gotten any feed back but i am still experiencing difficulty when at the end of a servers shift their totals don't match or there has been mistakes made. Coming from squirrel and micros background both systems allow for you to print a check sum report or and closed order report. It includes the table number, check number and amount as well as type of payment. this report is extremely helpful to be able to cross reference your card slips to find the problem and then go in to the lavu to fix it. without it the server has to sit at the iPad and go through the closed check report which includes all servers and we only have one terminal so it ties up the lavu. I can print a transaction report from the back end with helps me figure out if there cash out doesn't match but the servers can't print this on their own. it would be extremely helpful and save so much time if we were able to print a report like this
  2. Hey there i been looking to see if there are other threads on these issues but haven't found one so here is my request. 1)In the back end you are able to add in customized discounts for what we use. When the server does there server report from the front end it does not reflect in their numbers. It only shows discounts as a general which only will show if you use the general discount button. None of the discount buttons i programmed do not show a total for or number of chit with discounts on them. This is concerning cause this means the discounts can be done without being tracked. If we are able to program a discount button it should be tracked and should reflect in the server report on the front end. 2)Item Count Down. It would be great for specials and items we are running low on to be able to easily in the front end add a count down so servers are not ordering an item that is sold out. To further this to be able to sell out an item so servers can't ring it in until it is re activated. Do you know when you guys will be releasing any upgrades to lavu in the reports area?
  3. transaction reports

    in the transaction report it shows you what kind of transaction they made i.e. paid with cash or card. and gives you the totals. What no reports have is the detailed payment information for example in the server tips screen on the front end it shows the bill the amount paid by what card and how much of a tip was applied and then a total. The problem i am having is the moneris terminal gives totals including tip and doesn't post the amount of the bill and tip and lavu gives totals not including tip but also does not show the amount of the tip. so in a situation where i don't have the slip its next to impossible to find. If i was doing this before the end of day and i was able to pull up the server tip screen that shows the bill amount and the tip amount then i would able to easily find it. Here is the request. Could we add one more column after card for card tip and if one is entered when settling can it show in the transaction report on the back end. Essentially the servers tip screen but from the back end after that particular day has been closed out.
  4. Printing checks by seat

  5. tracking labour

    It would be a really great tool if we could track our labour cost. We as owners do this already but have to manually do it. BUT if you were able to add in a category when adding new users that was titled wage or salary and was able to enter their hourly wage or monthly salary then when you do the time cards have it calculate how much it cost to have them work. This could also be incorporated with the end of day report so we can calculate what our labour for front house and back house was for that day. Lets us keep control of what our labour costs should be and actually are.
  6. Printing checks by seat

    also can you tell me what the hours of the help desk are? on the site it just gives the number doesn't say what the hours are?
  7. Printing checks by seat

    So the lavu makes it possible to separate the checks by seat but does not give us the capability to print the check by seat?? This is a really nice option. All other restaurant pos systems have this option on as basic function. The split function in lavu like all other pos systems is a nightmare to deal with. So far it has been very unreliable way of separating checks. This would be a very easy option to add and would be invaluable to have.
  8. Manual End of day

    Can we please add this feature? I am a 24 hour restaurant and i am having issues with the auto end of day for my early morning change over. The issues i have is that my servers shift ends for graveyard at 6am and the new morning server starts at the same time. There has been many instances especially on the weekend where my graveyard servers are busy right to 6am and then the end of day performs just after they print their reports and locks in the day. Then they see they settled something wrong or had some mistake that is causing their totals to not match. With micros and squirrel which my two restaurants currently use we have the end of day a manual button. This is important especially for us cause the graveyard server should have the power to hold off on the end of day till he knows all his transactions are correctly settled so if they are not he can go back and change it cause when the end of day performs none of the transactions can be modified. So under settings what i am asking for is where it asks you to set the time for auto end of day also have an option for manual end of day. This would make the end of day function appear in the top left Lavu menu drop down as a function and when the last server of the business day finishes and matches their numbers they can perform this function. Alternatively for restaurants or cafe's that are not 24 hours this would allow the last server or employee that is closing for the day to print this report and submit it with their cash out so that the accounting department has it for the day. Please please help us with this as it is very bad for us not to be able to balance our books when we can not correct a settlement problem.
  9. [COMPLETED] End of Day Cash Reconcile

    as a new user i just wanted to also state that this is a MUST and i know its in the works but i am also a new user and is my biggest complaint so far.
  10. just some input on this issue.. The servers reports should be titled end of shift or server end of shift. and if they try to do this report they should not be able to print or generate this report if they have open checks. Also you can pull the open orders up but there is no report as far as i can there an option to print a report ? Also the servers should not be able to clock out either if they have open checks. just some feed back as an owner I would not like them to be able to cash out if there are any open checks.
  11. Server Summary question

    yes that is definitely a must. there are many little things that are standard practice in restaurants like the kitchen tip out that should be an option on this system in order for restaurants to really jump on board with this system. It is great so far but if these little things are figured out it would be amazing!!!
  12. manage tips

    ok I'm just trying to understand how people who use these buttons and a cc processing that is not integrated then print their end of shift reports and have them balance? Because technically regardless of if the cc type is separate or not how it gets in putted into lavu regardless if lavu is integrated and does the processing or not, when you print the end shift report on lavu it should match the numbers entered in the cc processing terminal or software no?? i guess if you just used the option card them went in and entered the tip when you print the end shift details it would total the card transactions including tip and that number would match a non integrated end shift report as long as you add all the cc types together. correct?? haha sorry just trying to wrap my head around it.
  13. manage tips

    just testing out a bit more.... currently with the "card button " which would lump in all the cards if i pay with that option then go to server tips screen it shows i paid with a "card" gives me an option for tip under card tip. Now does that option minus that tip amount from cash due?
  14. reports

    much appreciated!
  15. manage tips

    yes it would be nice if it worked like the cash settlement worked currently if the bill is 5 and we used the 10 dollar button it gives you the balance to give back in change. if you could do that for any of the card payments but instead of it saying change due it said confirm $5 tip charged? and then in the back end any tip amount charged was automatically subtracted from cash due at the end of their shift.