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  1. Dejavoo Z11

    How does it connect to the ipads? Is it wireless? Can we take it to the tables?
  2. Opentable Pay

    I highly recommend that Poslavu integrates with Opentable Pay as soon as possible. It is going to be huge. And would be a real competitive advantage for Lavu to have this before others. Check it out here: http://openforbusiness.opentable.com/insider-information/how-opentable-is-bringing-mobile-payments-to-more-restaurants-diners-with-aloha-pos-integration/
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to get an update on new features that have been promised to us months ago? - Upgrade of the inventory system. What is the ETA on this? It was supposed to be released months ago. - Integration of quickbooks online. - Improved Lavu Togo - Mobile Payments. That's a big one. We see it more and more and customers request it. Other POS systems use it. There is Opentable Pay, Zapper, Tabbedoutt, etc. None of those work with Poslavu yet. Are you working on some integration? Thanks
  4. EMV technology

    Daniel, is there a specific reason why other iPad POS systems, using the same gateways as Poslavu (such as Mercury) already have readers working with their system? I have seen for example the ingenico reader being used for EMV/Apple Pay.
  5. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Could not agree more. I know a lot of restauranteurs here in L.A. I don't know ONE of them who still uses windows.
  6. Servers down?

    We have a full house of people who want to order, to pay their bills, etc. No word for Poslavu. They don't answer the phones, they did not post anything either here or on Facebook, and there is no way to change servers.
  7. Servers down?

    Nothing works tonight. Getting an error message on the backend 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request. Anyone else?
  8. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Thanks, Daniel. That is probably true for the rest of the world, but I would not be surprised if most Poslavu customers use Quickbooks Online.
  9. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Quickbooks for windows? You mean Quickbooks Online, correct?
  10. Daniel, that's a great idea! A Lavu App Store would be amazing.
  11. iOS 8

    iOS 8 does not work with the infinea Tabs!
  12. iOS 8

    Lucas, The app is VERY slow with IOS 8. Screen freezes a lot. Also, when we sent items to kitchen, they still show as "not sent". Thanks
  13. iOS 8

    Has anyone upgraded to iOS 8? Any issues? We need access to iCloud drive and need to upgrade for that reason.
  14. Infinea Tab from Mercury

    "and many of their devices are already compatible with NFC and EMV." Which ones? Thanks