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  1. Does anybody have any nice Lavu toGo implementaions out there they'd like to show off? Precisely how is the restaurant notified of a Lavu toGO order? Is the order paid for at the time of order? Thanks all! Jeff
  2. CC swiper help

    Please provide any details you can. This was one of the takeaways from the conference that nearly all of our clients were excited to hear about. As time ticks by, our clients frustration grows, our reputation is diminished in the industry, and our valuable clients take one more step towards abandoning Lavu. I hate typing this, but it's the facts.
  3. CC swiper help

    Does anybody know the status of the audioport iDynamo that we saw at the Distro conference? I've inquired with Mercury but haven't received a report back. Thanks.
  4. What is LavuLocal?

    Thank you. That's really good to know.
  5. What is LavuLocal?

    It seems to have sped things up in one of my high-volume installs... but I still wouldn't call it "fast". Is it worth the cost of a Mac Mini and now the additional hosting fee? I'm not sure at this point. We also have the issues with large tickets becoming very slow. This is nothing that Lavu seems willing to address or admit to (although I've not read every post on this forum). I can only assume that it would take some significant programming/developing, if not an entire rewrite to gain the speed that we all desire.
  6. Price override on iPod Touch

    A new client of mine has a large floor plan and is relying on the iPod touches heavily. They really need to have this functionality. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Price override on iPod Touch

    I just received a call back from Lavu Support. It is not possible to do a price override on an iPod Touch. I've asked Waldo to submit this as a feature request.
  8. For some reason I'm unable to perform a price override on the iPod Touch app. Is anybody else having this trouble? Is this a bug or is it intended to work that way? Has anybody found a workaround? Thanks, Jeff
  9. CC swiper help

    Good discussion. Thanks for all of the contributions. I could go on and on about all of things I love about Mercury... but it's nearly all moot without a high quality, reliable swiper. I will redouble my efforts expressing our needs to every Mercury rep I speak with. Perhaps you all could do the same. Our community isn't huge yet... but it certainly growing. Thanks.
  10. CC swiper help

    So any opinion on the iMag Pro? Also, does the Linea Pro have an iPad swiper or is it just for the iPhone & iPod Touch? Could you provide a link? Thank you. :D
  11. CC swiper help

    I have a lot of experience with the iDynamo, and although I haven't experienced an issue where the iPad completely stop recognizing the iDynamos we get lots of read/encryption errors when swiping and processing payment. In our very busy bar and grill it slows us down significantly. We're getting ready to integrate a couple of clients using a different processor with the iMag Pro on iPads and iPod Touch. Does anybody have any reports about these? Good of bad, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks. :D
  12. iPad 2 vs. iPad3?

    So... if you use Lavu Local Server and you lose internet connectivity, the system continues to function but you can't process payments through the POS. If you had a standalone backup credit card terminal connected to a phone line you could still accept payments and input them into the Lavu system manually. Question: If you had a 4G iPad or iPhone with data plans, that you wanted to use to accept payment if the internet goes down, would that be possible if Lavu Local Server is in place. Will your 4G enabled device be able access the most up-to-date database info on the cloud to accept payment?