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  1. "Training Mode"

    To say training mode would be used infrequently would be on opinion of either someone who doesn't own/run an efficient operation or doesn't realize that the service industry has a proven high track record of labor turnover - or both. Keep in mind restaurant owners, who run an efficient staff and operation, place training and employee knowledge extremely high on the priority list. Training is probably our #1 focus. Training mode would cut down on payroll and give new hires the ability to confidently navigate and explore the app with confidence, knowing any mistakes won't result in messed up tickets, food/drinks prepared in error, sales numbers, etc. Every big pos has training mode, it's 101 stuff because of how easy and obvious this feature is. Poslavu, please get on this. Distributors might not care so much, but restaurant owners and managers would love the ultimate training aid for what servers/bartenders use to do 80% of their jobs with.
  2. I'd like to add a "favorites" menu where we can put our top sellers into one easy menu with each item allocating to it's proper supergroup ID. Jack Daniels Crown Royal Full Sail Sessions House red wine glass Whiskey sour etc are all items i'd like to have in one menu because they are the most frequently ordered. However, I can't seem to get each of these items to allocate to their respective supergroup ID because the supergroup ID is for the category not the item. If i'm failing to see something, please let me know, but to the best of my knowledge this isn't possible right now. thanks! Dave
  3. Server summary with math done

    I'll third this suggestion. Even in the location settings if you could just check a box that says "Subtract total tips from cash sales" and have that show up as a figure that'd be great. Also, on our reports, auto grat and CC tips do NOT add together for "total tips" figure. You'd think auto grat would be included in total tips, but it's not. that would be a nice addition, too.
  4. "Training Mode"

    It seems like a no-brainer that every location should be able to login under the number "999" (or whatever) and experience the entire functionality of the location's POS without sending stuff to the printers and contributing to the sales report. Sure, you can go in and void all training tickets and whatnot, but training on the POS would be nice if a new employee could mess around on it for an hour after a 20 minute training session on their own, without accidentally sending stuff to the bars/kitchen. This would be a feature that i imagine every single customer would use. DJ
  5. Gift Card tracking??

    I very much appreciate this reply, I have sent an email to Mercury and i'll be interested to see what services they offer. Thank You!!
  6. Gift Card tracking??

    Has POSLavu started any work to implement gift card software so that users can sell magnetic strip gift cards via the POS system? (something like seen at this website If not, does anyone out there recommend a third party iPad app that reads magnetic cards and tracks balances and whatnot? Our gift card system at the restaurant leaves a lot to be desired, and the implementation of this seems like a no-brainer.
  7. Here are the issues that I have been having with my reporting since I switched over to the local server: 1. At any given point, my end of day report and/or summary report doesn't match what's going on in my bar. You might think this is due to lag time, but even when you sync from the local server, and even a full hour after we've closed and sit down to do the end of day accounting, my "unpaid" line item is never zero and there are open orders from servers whose shifts have ended hours prior - despite their server reports reflecting zero open orders. 2. If i were to go to the open orders list and see what I have open on the floor right now, i'm looking at $400 and change in open tabs (tonight). On my summary and eod report, i'm showing $-50.85 in the "unpaid" line. So, the local server is talking to the back office in some capacity, but it's not reflecting correctly in other reports. 3. If I merge tables, a duplicate of whatever is merged shows up in "voided order list". This is a disaster as now my voided orders list has absolutely no credibility, and any server reports with voided figures can be attributed to merged tables (whether or not that's true). The response to this was "hopefully a developer can look at it soon." Pretty important report to have and unless my managers all want to change their passwords every single day, now i'm going to have a difficult time trusting the void numbers as the merging tables option has no security control adjustment. 4. My credit card batch reports don't tie with my EODs. Accountant is trippin. I'm less than thrilled. 5. Contacting POSLavu hasn't gotten me too far, they said a developer would call me back which hasn't happened, and the ticket that i emailed yesterday was opened and there is no response to it. Not even an acknowledgement that it's being worked on. I am using the POS on the front end just fine, credit cards are running, orders sending, etc - but the communication between the local server and the back office is simply fucked, and my accounting is suffering from it. I have absolutely no idea how much money i'm actually losing at this point because these problems just started since the server "upgrade", but my accountant it telling me the last few days of CC deposits have not tied, my batch reports are inaccurate, i'm showing negative numbers in the unpaid column despite a bar full of people and almost $400 on the floor in open tabs, I'm showing orders that are open despite being closed hours ago....and this has been going on for days now. I feel like i'd rather go to paper tickets right now because inaccurate reporting on the back end will kill all of us - we're not working with incredibly big profit margins and room for error here. Anyone have any advice? thanks Dave