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  1. Hi, We have been advised from customers and from our testing that access to http://admin.lavu.com/cp is currently down. Do we have an ETA on when service will be restored? Thanks.
  2. Inventory

    How do we track purchase orders in LAVU? Do you know how can we get a COGS (cost of goods sold) report from the inventory? Thanks.
  3. PMS Room Charge interface Integration

    Hi, I agree. Basically LAVU cannot be put in any hotel as there is zero PMS integration. I suggest they partner with a Cloud based PMS - and lets be cutting edge rather than 20th century... Little Hotelier http://www.littlehotelier.com They cover a lot of boutique locations and businesses - the perfect match for a SILVER LAVU solution in their restaurants, bed and breakfasts, apartment room service etc. If you go with Micros PMS integration you will get less LAVU installs and more headaches as you will be targeting the big boys.
  4. Hi, We are trying to setup a new customer and about 10min ago we got thrown out of admin.poslavu.com with a 500 Service Unavailable message. When will this be resolved? Thanks.
  5. 3.0 is driving me crazy

    Hi, We have had similar issues with x2 customers. We have had to move them back to "LAVU Retro". 1) Items going missing between ordering and Checkout 2) Total amounts incorrect on checkout We are going to wait a bit before moving any other customers - it is a shame as the system is significantly faster with a better Offline Mode in v3 vs v2.3.13. PS. ​Early April versions of v3 BETA did not seem to have this problem so it should be an easy fix?
  6. Time settings.

    v3 feature? Surely!
  7. This would be a good v3 feature...
  8. We have a customer that does room service to a hotel. They have created hundreds of custom table numbers that match room numbers and simply work in table layout. Custom naming your tables would work for you?
  9. Go to your back office area. Settings / Printers/Technical / Printers & KDS / Select each of your printers... Untick Perform status check then Submit We find it always causes us the same problem if we have it ticked.
  10. IOS 8.1 and Lavu

    Hi Daniel, Can this please be put in the LAVU Admin notices? It is very important information. We have number of customers that say everything is going slow for the past few months... and they are on iPad2's. Details as to the specific issues with iOS8 would help alleviate many calls for support. Thanks.
  11. Service interruptions today?

    We have had the same problems approx 1hr ago. What can we do???!!!
  12. Split check questions

    Hi, Just so you realize what a BIG problem not being able to move/merge individual items & checks across tables is... - table of customers order, items sent kitchen - individual customer moves table, others stay where they are - void persons item/s on original order (problems: time taken, manager why so many voids?) - re punch order on new table (problems: time taken, run to kitchen to cancel reorder, kitchen mad, FOH staff frustrated) - original order gets sent to wrong table (problems: confusion, chaos, lots of "why can't LAVU do this??!!" etc) - person who moved table sitting waiting for order (probs: order late to arrive) Please add this feature ASAP!!! :)
  13. Hmmm... this really needs to be done on the iPads. A suggestion I have made in the past is to allow a "Payment Method" than can be set to not add to Sales totals. This could then be used as a CASH OUT or TIP button, with a total for the day in the Z Report. This really is the best and probably only way of doing this in a way that works at the FOH?