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  1. Lavu ToGO Menu Items

    I called Lavu support a few weeks ago and they said that it wasn't an option. I had to create an image for each item that has a description. It was such a headache.
  2. LAVU toGO Mod Bar

    Any progress on this? Now, our optional mods are not displaying at all. HELP! WE really want to use LAVU toGO but it is currently not functional for our business. Colbi
  3. We are currently in the market for a paging system. Currently, we are calling out the last two digits of the order number when a customers order is ready. We think it would be awesome if KDS was able to send a test message when an order was ready to be picked up. For example, many restaurants are using systems like nowait or table's ready.
  4. Is it possible to add a mod bar to LAVU toGO that is similar to the one in the optional modifier section of Lavu on the iPad? As it is right now, we need to have separate modifiers for each change that a customer might want to make. For example, if a customer is ordering a burger we would need to have the modifiers... add mayo no mayo extra mayo mayo on the side Whereas on the app, we have the single modifier "mayo" and the cashier can use the mod bar to add, subtract, or put on this side.