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  1. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Zinque actually brings up a good point. Lavu has worked hard to develop a robust community of users to share experiences, ideas, and improve the overall system. While some of the great ideas in the community have found their way into the system, there are dozens upon dozens of features that current paying users would love to have, while other features are rolled out that some paying users simply have no use for. It would be interesting to post a sticky or something on here as to what the process is that Lavu uses to select what features will be integrated next. When Lavu creates their development schedules in their team meetings, what's the process for features and improvements? Exciting ideas that sound neat or useful? Features you have seen from other POS systems? Features that users or resellers have requested in person? Features taken from the community forums? I know based on the the announcement of upcoming features there are a lot of things coming up soon that are in the community, and that is awesome. However, considering the people in the community are the most involved in the system, perhaps making sure that every release version of Lavu, something from the community is always included in the release might go a long way. It doesn't have to be a big feature, it could be something as simple as a new report, or a small tweak, or an extra option on a particular setting. Again, UserVoice would be a GREAT solution to really get the most accurate count of what features are most important to all the users as well as to specific sub-sets of users based on the type of location they run. Just an idea.
  2. Fast Cash & Repeat Round Buttons

    Hey BuckeyePOS, I agree that it can be frustrating. We did a test the other day, it is 13 taps of the screen from the login menu to sell a single item for cash at our location. We have a few extra taps because we sales tax exempt cash transactions (we are a bar which is normal for a bar). The item we were selling was even in our "Quick Items" menu. So that means that for us that 13 taps is the MINIMUM number of taps to sell a single item quickly. That's a lot of taps. That also assumes we use the auto named tab since we are closing it out. ( we do about 50% tabs and 50% quickserve and its more button pushes to try and swap between the two). I would be surprised if at least a FastCash feature wasn't in place this calendar year. The owner of my location is very close to switching POS system simply because of this one feature. He did the math and timed bartenders selling items via cash and each weekend he says it costs him close to $1,000 in lost sales because of the extra taps. At $4,000 per month he can pay for a new POS system fairly quickly. He (the owner of my location) and I both love Lavu and we fully believe and support it, but it's hard to put $4,000 a month in the "loss" category and keep chugging along with the status quo.
  3. "Training Mode"

    I would like to vote for a training mode. Essentially a mode where certain triggers (reporting and printing) are not fired off. One of the main reasons I would like to see this is because if we add a product to a training order...even if we are just voiding the ticket, it messes up the inventory and we have to go back and fix it.
  4. When we have to manually type in credit card info it's not a very pleasant experience. I know that our gateway provides a web based form and the keyboard opens to allow us to enter. However, it's hard to enter the card number on a digital keyboard where the numbers are in a long row spanning the screen. Gift cards are great because you only get a 10-key. If there was a way to detect if the field we are in is a card number field and only show a 10-key instead of the full keyboard that would be great. Same goes for the expiration field and card code...10-key only. Essentially the only time the full keyboard should be displayed is if the cursor is in focus in the customer name field.
  5. Preauth We do not use this currently because we had too many instances of a server doing a pre-auth, then upon checkout instead of capturing the preauth, they swiped the card again. Our merchant charged us fees and told us to stop using preauth if we can't use it right. Essentially we had too many $1 auth's not being captured while a second auth was generated for the same card. So, I would like to see a few things with preauth. First, I would like to see the word "capture" changed. That's an internal word that management, gateways, and pos uses. Instead of "Capture Preauth" it should be "Update card total" or "use card auth". Secondly, for when a server forgets they have a preauth on a tab, when they try to initiate a payment where a preauth exists, I would like the system to prompt them saying "There is an existing unused authorization on this ticket." then give them two buttons "Use existing card" and "use swiped card". (or whatever verbiage makes it clear). I think this would solve a lot of preauth problems and allow us to use it. Blacklist and VIP We have had a few instances where someone provides us a stolen card, or a card that has not yet been activated, or a card that is over the limit to start a tab. If we we were able to do preauth we could find these errors out. However when the person gives us a known bad card and intentionally walks out of the bar, we have no way of collecting. We also have customers that we ban from the bar because they get into a fight or cause problems. I would love to see the ability to take a ticket where a preauth was made (assuming the preauth enhancements are in place) and add that customer to a blacklist or VIP list. This way when we are swiping a preauth in the future, a quick customer database search by name could see if there are matching customers on a blacklist or VIP list and return a note saying "this customer may be banned" and then show a list of the search results OR "this customer may be VIP" (again showing a list). This would allow us to deal with problem customers (or important customers) right away instead of having more problems at the end of the night.
  6. POS Lavu 2.3.5

    Early upgrading is risky for sure. As much as these guys test, they can't possibly test for every possibility that will happen out in the wild. I chose to upgrade on day one because it was a monday, and our location is generally not too busy monday through thursday, and if there was a glitch, we would probably get it fixed within a day or two. Having said that, we haven't had a single problem the past two full days of use.
  7. Add Tax To Credit Card Purchases

    In the back end of POS Lavu you can go to Settings -> Order Types and setup different types. We use only Dine In and Cash Order. Then on the front end of the app from the order pad, simply tap "Dine In" (which is displayed by default) and you'll see options for different order types. Select the Cash Order and all the items have tax removed. This isn't as smooth as a FastCash as it requires multiple steps and doesn't prevent users from taking tax off credit card transactions, but it's a good work around until the Fast Cash buttons are ready. See the attached images.
  8. POS Lavu 2.3.5

    THANK YOU LAVU!! There are some great new features and fixes. Scrolling Forced Modifiers - I am so happy you figured out a work around to the Apple Bug. The new 3 column layout is beautiful and the staff love it as it allows more items on the screen, which is a huge time saver. Epson Graphic Printing - We have a few epson printers and they now all print just like our Star printers. Graphics and all. Our receipts now look the same from all printers, which is great! Info Button on Pin Screen - Some people probably missed this, but this is HUGE. You can quickly see what version of Lavu you are on and what data you are using from any iPad. You can also pull up a screen to submit support requests and much more right from the iPad. Big step forward for customer support with this feature. Now if only we could figure out a way to do screen shots from within the app, we would be set (we don't have access to the power button with our cases, so we can't hold the power and home button down to take a screen shot). Does Apple have an API that would allow you to put a button on the screen or "take screen shot" button along with "okay" buttons when errors are displayed? Online/Offline more visible - Much better control for Offline mode. Very nice. I am sure there are other things I missed, but so far, these three have already been very helpful. KUDOS!
  9. We do something similar to what Sarah said. When we spill or short pour a drink, we have a paper log that we have our bartenders keep track on. We then also have them make a tab for spills/short pours (each has their own name so that we have unique tab names) and we have menu items for spills. Then at the end of the night we just close that tab (we don't apply payment to it, just close it). This allows our inventory tracking to match up and it helps to keep our staff more honest in tracking spills.
  10. Add Tax To Credit Card Purchases

    We have been using POS Lavu at one of Utah's biggest night clubs (with 10 terminals) for 18 months' w/out this feature and we still break revenue records. However, we are confident with this feature in place we can increase our revenue and trim down the time on transactions. I know Lavu is working on this and will have it out soon. Work Around IN THE MEANTIME, did you know you can set up an "order type" for "Cash transaction" that removes tax from everything. When creating an order you would simply type "Dine In" and change it to "Cash Transaction" and all items added are tax exempt. It speeds up the cash process greatly, and since tax is removed as a whole from checks paying with cash, this solves that problem. It's still not as fast as a fast cash button, but our employees love this setup as a time saver.
  11. Employee Log in Clock In

    I believe from a different thread I was recently reading that Lavu is working on some future overhauls to the Time clock system, however I think this is several releases down the road. I do know that from the PIN screen you can tap the clock icon on the bottom row of buttons and the PIN number would then directly clock the person in or out as opposed to taking them to the menu. I would suggest in the mean time to train your BOH employees to use the time clock this way. In the future we look forward to more employee roles where only certain roles have access to the system while others only have access to the time clock. I am still waiting for a way to print or email the schedule we create online to the staff. That's the primary reason we do not use the built in scheduling system yet.
  12. Cash Reconciliation

    We have experienced a few times where we have done an "open" or "start" of a till, yet at the end of the night, when we go in to close it out, it says one was never started. Our Tills are always done as a Server function.
  13. Quick Pay option on Quick Serve screen

    Hey Guys, I have been told Lavu is working on a "FastCash" button that would be present on the Order screen (this would be any order whether it be a QuickServe or whether it be a Tab or Table Order) that would close out the order cash (no receipt possibly and open cash drawer). I believe they are working on adding some sales tax exemption based on payment type (as most night clubs and many bars don't charge sales tax on cash transactions). This way the tax could be adjusted at the same time if needed, and the button would be universally applicable to all types of customers based on the settings in the back ends. I am under the assumption this is coming sooner rather than later, but I do not work for Lavu nor do I have any control over what they do. I can tell you from personal experience they have a great team of developers and staff that do work A LOT to handle multiple levels of the POS.
  14. LAVU Integration with other Cloud Services

    This is an interesting idea, but I have to ask...what are some examples of integration you would want to create that currently aren't available? About the only thing I can think of from looking at their list would be QuickBooks online integration..but then you are possbily paying a monthly free for QB, for Lavu, and for Zapier. I like the idea, but what other integrations would make this worth the effort?
  15. Split check questions

    I don't know the time frame as development of new features can take some time to test and get right, but I do know from some inside information (shhh, don't tell Rafael), they are working on some really cool new ways to split checks faster and much easier. They had a few different approaches that I know of that were all excellent ideas, not sure which one they are going to go with, but I do know it's on their road map.