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  1. 3.02 Issues?

    Hi Rafael, Yes, I updated all devices to 3.02 prior to testing. I'll try again when I have a few hours up my sleeve so I can try and figure if there is any consistency in the issue. Thanks, Steve
  2. 3.02 Issues?

    I tried to update to 3.02 today and I was seeing issues with syncing. The issue was different to the 3.01 (which was creating 2 separate orders for the same table when different ordering devices were used, with no way of merging the orders). This time Syncing across devices was just inconsistent with the orders syncing on some devices and not on others. Drinks orders would go through to the KDS and then not show up on any order at all, just lost into thin air. I called support... Basically, I was told that there are no known syncing issues and it must be a network issue on my end. My reasoning tells me it is a software issue because when we run Lavu Retro this doesn't happen at all and if it was a network/wifi issue it would be happening on this version too. The support staff member added an order from his end which showed up in open orders but not in the dinning room view and when he sent a drink order it didn't show up at all. He insisted that because he could not replicate the problem on his end that I was seeing, that it must be an issue with my network. When I told him that doesn't make sense because in retro this isn't happening, he told me to take a video of the problem and send that to support. Sorry mate, but I have a restaurant to run right now so back to the retro version of Poslavu. After 3 attempts of updating to the current lavu version with the same syncing each time to be told that's not an issue really annoys the crap out of me. I've been such a huge fan of poslavu but this update is hopeless for us! Anyone else having issues?
  3. Orders reopening/merging

    We've been waiting for the syncing bugs to be fixed since the update to 3.0 but nothing as of yet. We run the Retro version of Poslavu which gives not issues. It's a shame, hope they fix it soon!
  4. Lavu 3.0.1 - Will it work?

    I quickly updated today prior to service to see if the update would fix the bug of 2 separate orders opening on the same table if different devices were used...same issue as with 3.0, 2 separate orders with no way of merging them. This is a nightmare and costly on a busy night so it's back to Lavu Retro for me. Come on guys.
  5. Lavu 3.0 problems

    I post this in another thread last night; This seems to be happening when orders are taken across multiple devices and so instead of just syncing like they used to, it is creating a separate bill for each device that is used rather than merging them. There seems to be no way of merging the info. We have had instances of some of these tickets just disappearing also.
  6. Strange Behaviors Today

    We have been having an issue with orders on tables being split into 2 separate bills and we are unable to merge them. Sometime the drinks are seperated from the main meals and sometimes the entrees are seperated from the mains. The only fix we can find so far is just manually adding the orders together and then voiding the other one. Has anyone else experienced something like this? This has cost us a bit so far. Last night a waitress didn't pick it up and so around $60 in entrees wasn't added to the bill. There were also a few orders where the drinks weren't added to the bill. At the end of the night we just find open tickets that weren't paid ​ . Not great. Any suggestions on a fix? Thanks.
  7. Optional Modifiers: Option to print one per line

    Yep, our chefs often read the first line and then miss the other mods. Would make the docket tickets shorter too
  8. Takeout Pick Up Due Time

    After going through our busy season I have thought that having an option to add a Pick Up Due Time on quickserve orders would be really handy. On a busy night we can have 15, 20 or more dockets on the docket rail, these are a combination of dine in and quickserve orders. It would be great to be able to see the quickserve orders at a glance and know what time the person was told what time their meal would be ready. Typically our staff look at the number of orders on the docket rail and then tell the people how long their order will take. Perhaps if we could have an option in the advanced settings that would allow a time to be selected before sending an order. So for example, before an order is sent a set of time options 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc pop up and then at the top of the quickserve it would have an order due by time across the top of the docket. Sometimes people call up and place a takeaway order and request to pick up at a particular time so the option to enter a due time would also be handy.
  9. Set a backup kitchen printer

    We have a printer and then 2 ipads set up as KDS's, if an order going missing to the printer it always seems to make it through to the KDS so it has negated the missed ticket problem however a backup printer sounds like a great idea.
  10. Grouping Same Items On Kitchen Docket

    We have a Thai restaurant so generally people share so turning the seat option off is better than the long dockets for us. If iwas in your position Peter I would definitely want to be using the seat function. At the moment it shows < seat 1> above the order, if it could be changed so it showed < seat 1, 3, 7 > for same orders I think that would work fine.
  11. We've started using the courses and seat feature in poslavu lately and I have a question regarding grouping the same menu items when using this feature. In the advanced settings I have the group same items checked and so this has been working fine, although now that we have started using seats it doesn't seem to group them. Is there a way to group the same menu items even though they may be on different seats? It would mean a lot less paper and would save the kitchen staff having to add up the same orders which on long dockets as this makes it a bit more error prone. Cheers, Steve
  12. Set menu help

    Hi Michael, We've been using Poslavu in our restaurant for a couple of years and at different times we do special banquets and what we do is create a specials category and then name the first menu item as the set menu, for example, Xmas banquet, and then we add the price. Below that we add all the items on the special and simply make the price $0.00. That works fine for us.
  13. Reservations Manager

    I'd love a reservations feature to be added at some point it would be really useful. Adding to eckenroed great suggestions, I think it would be great it there was a way to colour code the table layout so if a table was reserved for that day you could quickly see that and then have a simple way to look at the time of the reservation. It would mean assigning a table to the customers at the time of taking the reservation which would work for our situation. On busy nights all our tables are often reserved but if walkins come and we have time to squeeze them in we do so and as a result it can get very messy in reservations book and mixups do occur. To be able to see at a glance which tables are booked and for what time would be really helpful. Even if a table had 2 sittings booked to have a different colour so everyone was aware of this and be able to quickly see what time the 2nd reservation was for would be great. We also get people coming for dinner requesting to be out by a certain time as they are going to see a show or a movie, some way of entering that info for wait staff to see where they are up to....perhaps like a 86 countdown on the time for that table.
  14. Sounds exciting could work for the Apple PR team keeping everyone on the hook like that . I just started using the 86 countdown and find it really useful, especially for keeping track of our drinks inventory. I actually did a wine order today (offsite) using 86 countdown. There were a few areas where I got stuck like a number of our wines that we sell by the bottle and glass - when a glass was order it would count down a full bottle. I created a new category called glass wines and didn't add the countdown for that to get around that but it does mean manually keeping track of each bottle we open and then taking it off in the backend afterwards (wish there was an easier way around that). Another one was our lemonaide countdown because we sell lots of that and also sell lots of lemon lime bitters which used a can of lemonaide but I couldn't think of a way to do that. Has anyone came across this and worked out how to manage it? I think the 86Cd is a really great feature though. Can't wait to see what is queue...
  15. Hi Peter, 1. Yes we created a menu group called takeaway, the pricing is the same on both menus so there is no problem there 2. If you leave the default on the modifies it doesn't ask for guest or seat count. 3/4. Yes we have a category at the top named TA and within that there is one item TAKE-AWAY FOR and then we manually enter the name under that as you have put it. A little bit of fiddling around but once set up is quite functional. Hope that helps. Cheers, Steve