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  1. Voided item to be printed to kitchen.

    This would be a great function... though I feel like KDS might be the way of the future for such real time updates.
  2. Table's highlight.

    Maybe the server should get a certain color or something... the host needs to know which tables are taken at any given time to seat people. I think a kitchen done and food run highlight would be even better so managers know if a table has gotten their complete order from the server.
  3. Lavu said they would fix this in the next update... I have this issue too. Hope they fix it soon. Maybe it's time to accept only credit cards lol?
  4. Hi Arthur, Sounds similar to the bug I have. They did say they will fix it in Lavu 3.4.0 (next update)! I hope so
  5. Anyone else have troubleshooting tips on the tableside iPod touches optional modifiers not displaying correctly and crashing the software? I heard Lavu is aware of the bug and issuing a fix.. but it is taking awhile! Lavu any comment on when this can be fixed? We use optional modifiers a lot of items and the small device bug is the biggest hurdle and challenge for us. Hope to hear back soon. It is very random and no amount of force stopping fixes the issue. It just a bug that comes and goes at will. It makes the table side iPod touchs not the best option to use right now. Resorting to paper until this is fixed.
  6. Combine items

    Hmm they should be printing by category and order you set in the backend. You would configure usually by putting like item like "soups" in the same category and setting a print order. Hope this helps!
  7. Why is Support so slow at the moment?

    I feel like regular product support is pretty available and easy to get a hold of nowadays... so I guess they have improved on when you posted this up. Support seems fast and friendly! I do agree about the product roadmap and communications. The software itself is still amazing and pretty stable... but I think more updates would be great... one of the reasons we chose an iPad POS was the ease of updates for new features the developer would be adding! Hope Lavu can at least give us a month email or announcement on what they are working on. Hope the new CEO / President reads this! Lavu is a software company so it's exciting to hear and read about what's in store and when. SaaS can feels more worth it when the developers actually engage with its user base!