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  1. Hello There, Are few months that a lots of people are asking about to choose among different VAT rates based on some Variants (ie: Sit Down or Take Away) however this it seems not to be a Lavu's priority at the moment. An effective workaround would be create 2 different menu - one for Sit Down and one for Take Away but unfortunately at the moment is a little be tricky and time consuming but it would definitely help if Lavu could: 1. have an additional Level (top level) where you can select one between two menu (without using the current menu group for this because then we will be forced to use super group for the category that we currently have in the menu group therefore we will not have "space" for the super group!) 2.have a functionality to "duplicate" one menu in order to create the second without double keying all the item - modifiers groups - optional modifier and Force modifiers (because the majority of the client would have at least the 90% of the Sit Down menu available for Take Away too.) Otherwise if Lavu as a better idea please let US know ASAP what it is and the deadline!!! We are based in Ireland (UK and other countries in Europ are the same) we need to deal with 4 different VAT % therefore this is deal breaker Other POS are currently able to do this! If LAVU will not listen all its clients we have to shop somewhere else. I looking forward to hear back from you. Kind Regards, Luca