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  1. I'm pretty sure someone else has touched on this subject before, but I don't see this feature added to the app yet. It will be nice if the voided item get printed to the kitchen because sometimes the item that we voided has not been prepared yet. If get send to the kitchen printer, the chefs can stop making the food and it will not go to waste. Lavu is the only POS system that doesn't have this feature as far as I know.
  2. Table's highlight.

    I would like to have a feature that allow the server's only tables get highlighted at the dining room. In a busy restaurant, this feature can be very useful because server can narrow down which tables are his/hers.
  3. I would be nice if servers can reorder item with one click instead of putting in another order of the same item. Some orders have many optional modifiers added to them so it is time consuming for the servers to retype everything.
  4. Front End 86 Tracking Ability

    I agree. Front end capability is important.
  5. I would love these features to be added: - Print voided item to the kitchen printer. - Color coded server's table. - Transfer individual item to another check. Anybody agree?