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  1. Thanks mrkmorin, I did eventually locate this function. It has been quite a learning curve, thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks all..mrkmorin one of the issues with the re-opening of a tab is that there is no "manager on duty" most nights. It's that small of a place. The POS system was actually put into place to help combat theft. It helped us ferret out a problem employee who we have let go. I watch the open orders very carefully to look for trends but as of now it looks arbitrary and is not nearly as common. It did happen once last night again though, server A opens a tab for a regular customer. Customer has a couple cocktails that all end up on the tab and settles up. server A accidently puts cash instead of card on the ring out process and the check closes. She re-opens the check zeroes out the payment (wasn't there so I don't know how she did this) and then settles it again with the credit card, this time it stays open. The receipt shows a $14 total, paid with a card and an amount due of $0. My question is, should this have closed when settled or now, since it was a re-opened check, does it always have to be closed manually? Our batch runs at a certain time on it's own. I checked and that charge is in the batch.
  3. I'll try that when we get a slow period, thanks for the suggestion! Mike
  4. We only use one device in our operation, a a small bar. I'm new to the operation which is also new to LAVU. We've been on LAVU for about 5 months and I've been there a couple weeks. I'm trying to learn as much as I can quickly so bear with me. I have found about 40 or so "open orders" going back all 5 months. There are some that have no payment associated so I guess that's obvious why they are open but... What allows them to come off of the screen, assuming they are "quick sales" if they aren't paid? I also have a bunch that are paid in cash in the correct amount but still show as open orders. How does that happen? ...if I simply void them all, chalk it up to training issues, and simply work and investigate future unexplained open orders; will I cause any credit card action by voiding ones with credit cards? and .... if I void the orders does that put the ingredients back in inventory? Thanks to anyone who can clue in the new guy.