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  1. Serial Tracking for Items

    We sell kegs of beer from our brewery. The keg has a serial number on it. How would you track those numbers in POSLavu? Is there a way that we can enter a serial number for an item when it is added to a ticket? Some trick we can use with forced modifiers?
  2. Receipt Image Best Practices

    Do you use .png or .jpg?
  3. For the image for the receipt, what is the ideal format (jpg?) and size?
  4. I just sat down with my accountant today to review POSLavu and how we will be using it in combination with QuickBooks Online. She was very impressed with the features and reporting of the back end but was perplexed (her words) that there was not a report that showed Sales and Cost of Sales by Super Group. Basically I need to see something like this: Super Group Cash Sales Cash Tax CC Sales CC Tax Cost of Ingredients Food $1,000 $70.00 $500 $45.00 $250 Beer $1,000 $70.00 $500 $45.00 $500 Merchandise $1,000 $60.00 $500 $30.00 $700 Total $3,000 $200 $1500 $100 $1450 This would be the ideal way to import our daily transactions into QuickBooks Maybe I missed how this could be ran or maybe this is a new feature request? Thoughts?
  5. A manual

    Here is my 2¢...The forum is a great place for this information and as you get more users active , this can only get bigger. Why not use the forum as the source for the manual? Other forums I have seen have an entire section devoted to the "Manual" that is basically crowd sourced. It is really just a matter of structure; the admins start an article (or structured list of articles) and then have the community contribute to it. Admins of course verify it for accuracy and clean up any of the articles. Kinda like a wiki. In some cases there is an incentive for the community to accurately contribute to the manual, like a points system for swag or a free month of hosting, etc. This takes the task of authoring from the devs and admin and just let's them serve as gate watchmen for the articles. One down fall is this system is that it does not translate well to a PDF or physical manual that can be handed to end users. This has been pretty effective for projects like Ubuntu. If crowd sourcing is not your thing, I would strongly suggest RoboHelp. This software allows devs to author help and manual files once and then present them in a number of ways. This would allow for the online help to be easily transferred into a PDF “print-and-pass†document. Again, just my 2¢. Have a great day!
  6. Optimal Picture Sizes

    Excellent. Thank you for the quick reply!
  7. Optimal Picture Sizes

    What is the optimal picture resolution for menu items? I want to make sure that I am creating images that fit well (aspect ratio) but are also not HUGE file sizes.
  8. MerchantWARE Settings

    I got a hold of Merchant Warehouse today and they got me everything that I needed. I guess there was some delay over the weekend to get my information to me. I set it up on the back-end and was able to run a CC transaction in no time! #Painless!
  9. "Do Not Show In App" visual indicator

    As another work around, the new Beta backend allows you to move a menu item from one category to another. I have created a category named "86" and set that category to "Do Not Show In App" Then I just move items in and out of that category as needed. This ellminated the need to set the "Do Not Show" at the menu item level.
  10. Customer Tracker

    Under the "Activity Reports" section there is a "Customer Tracker" report. How is this used? How is this populated with data?
  11. Database Clean up

    How about if I upload a new picture with the same name? Will that replace the old picture or just make a new picture?
  12. Database Clean up

    I have multiple places in the application where I have items that I no longer need to use. Is there a way to clean up the database so I won't see them in the drop down menus? I'm thinking specifically the pictures I uploaded for menu items and the list of ingredients.
  13. Customers emails

    Watertown you say? Small world!
  14. MerchantWARE Settings

    Ok, this seems to be the issue. The letter I got was nothing like that. ------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Merchant Warehouse! Your account "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" has been approved and your Merchant ID number is (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX). We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Merchant Warehouse as your merchant service provider and to welcome you into our family of merchants. You will be receiving an email within 1 - 2 business days which will contain a link for free online access to your account, followed by a second email with your temporary password. The subject of the email is "Online Access to Your Merchant Warehouse Account." Within the next week, you will be receiving a packet in the mail which will contain helpful information and materials about your merchant account including a practical guide on how to read your merchant statement, answers to frequently asked questions, and important phone numbers. You will also receive, in a separate package, an imprinter plate that can be used along with a manual card imprinter should the need arise. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please call 800-941-6557 and select option 2 to speak with our Client Service Representatives. They can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST. You can also contact us via Live Chat at during the hours of 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. When you contact us, please have your merchant ID number available as well as the last four digits of your federal tax ID for account verification. Here are some other important numbers that you may need prior to receiving your packet: 24 hour Voice Authorization for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover: 800-228-1122 American Express customer service: 800-528-5200 American Express Voice Authorization: 800-528-2121 We'd also like you to know about our referral program. You can earn $100 for every referred colleague that obtains an account with us at Merchant Warehouse. Your sales representative or any of our Client Service representatives can help you with this. Again, we welcome you to Merchant Warehouse. We appreciate your business and look forward to our business relationship together.
  15. MerchantWARE Settings

    Found this: But I am still digging if this is what is needed.