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  1. Tip Update Failure

    If you are having issues with tip adjustment and are getting an error message, I would call into the support line so troubleshooting can be done. 855-528-8457.
  2. Kitchen printer assignments are based on menu categories. However, you have the ability to use kitchen printer assignments so that way all orders from a terminal/terminals go to a specific printer which is designated.
  3. New IOS 9.2 newest lavu version

    Hello Pizzaiolo, the iOS is different from the versions of Lavu. Currently Lavu Retro is on 2.3.14, and Lavu 3 is at release 3.0.3. The latest iOS release is 9.1, if you are a local server location then I would check to see if an LLS update is required first before update. Sincerely, Errol.
  4. Quantity type-in option

    Hello Mark, You have the ability currently to apply quantity to your items sold. What you will need to do is click on the item icon once which will apply it to the ticket. When you click on an item on the transaction you will see a (+,-) and the ability to type in any special details. Swiping the + sign right will present to you an option to enter in quantity. If you have any questions about this, let me know and I will explain further.
  5. Dejavoo Z11

    Hello, The Dejavoo Z11 is a touch screen EMV swipe to be used with Mercury Payments. The connectivity options are both Ethernet, and Wifi. If the wifi option is selected, I would imagine you can take it to the table with the device it is paired with.
  6. Mix and match pricing

    Hello Michael, It sounds like you have the ability to use a mix and match option for menu items by applying forced modifiers. This will give you the option to select a main, and starter, and any other options you may apply by creating forced modifier groups. Happy Hour pricing can still be applied to these items, you even have the option to have multiple happy hours per day. Sincerely, Errol.
  7. You shouldn't have to set your terminal everyday, the register assignment should stay for as long as you are logged into the Lavu app. If you have exited the location, then it is a good idea to do a register assignment to ensure that the terminal prints to the appropriate printer. Errol.
  8. Hello Umi, The order type automatically prints on the top of the kitchen ticket when it is sent. The order type will also appear on the receipt under the name of the restaurant, along with information regarding the order#, service type, guest count, server, cashier, and date/time. Lavu2Go is currently working, there are no known bugs as its functionality. You have the option for in app order polling which will show your L2G orders on the iPad. Sincerely, Errol. Lavu Specialist Support
  9. Clocking in settings?

    Hello Michael, The feature prevents the server who is scheduled from clocking in prior x minutes to their shift. This setting should function as intended, but we have notified the Development Team that it is in error.
  10. Issues with music

    Since POS Lavu utilizes the audio jack for credit card readers, it disables any music applications from running in the background while POS Lavu is in use. We recommend that POS Lavu functions as a stand alone app on the device to ensure proper functionality.