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  1. API Support

    Who is providing API Support? I have sent many emails to but never get a response. If i raise a support ticket the support staff reply that they dont to support the API: I thought the support issues had been resolved?
  2. I think it would be worth creating a specific PMS interface to be able to post room charges to various PMS systems. Although it pains me to say it I think it needs to be based on the "Micros" format as this seems to be a widely adopted interface format. This would then enable Lavu to link the PMS interface to a payment of room charge that when selected would prompt for a room number then use this value in a query to the PMS to get the name of the In-house customer. Upon confirmation this would post to the PMS and mark the check as paid and closed. the micros interface format seems to be widely supported in PMS systems. It could be a big win for Lavu in taking more business from the legacy systems such as micros. it would remove one of the big stumbling blocks to replace our expensive micros installations with Lavu