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  1. CC readers

    Not yet but coming soon with MPI Gateway.
  2. 2016 Chip & Pin Credit Cards

    Now able to chip cards for almost any processor and in Canada through MPI Gateway. See this link:
  3. RFID reader

    We have a video of the RFID reader below. It does require the smart printer to work and we will give a partial credit if you return your Epson T88V there is a demand for refurbished. RFID Video You can purchase the reader and the smart printer on our online store MPI Store Link
  4. Converting Epson printers used with Aloha and Micros to Lavu

    Video of doing the conversion
  5. Any elegant implementations of Lavu toGO out there?

    We did a video on Lavu To Go set up, ordering and taking payment. Lavu TOGO Video -Reach Out to Us with any Questions 800-518-5020 MPI Store Site
  6. Customer-facing display?

    Lavu has since added this for Ipad mini. Below are two videos of the display in action and how to set it up. If you have questions or need the customer facing stands check out our online store. Customer Facing Demo Customer Facing set up on Mini MPI LAVU Specialist Team 800-518-5020 MPI Store Click Here
  7. Blacklist / block customer

    A work around here is using the customer database to quickly identify the customer. For Pizza or Togo clients we recommend using the customer data base and entering at least First name, last name, phone number and email. (If delivering also get address) This will allow you to quickly search for the customer as they are calling in by entering the last 4 of their phone number and can say "hello John can I help you today". You know who is calling even before picking up the phone or you know you need to key this customer in. To blacklist you then start the first and last name with "(DONT SERVE)" allows your staff to see that right away. Also if you turn on "How did you hear about us" in the database you can put the reason for blacklist there. If you need any additional help feel free to reach out to us. MPI LAVU Sales Team Lavu Specialist 800-518-5020 MPI Online Store
  8. Coffee/Drink stickers like Starbucks

    Two ply paper sticks better to the cups as it is thinner and will still give the drink maker a copy as well. We have looked at a label printer from Epson that will print a sticky label. The cost is $495 retail and cost for a roll of label paper runs about $0.03 per receipt, so it becomes costly. If you still are interested reach out and we will order for you. MPI Lavu Sales Team Lavu Specialist 800-518-5020 MPI Online Store
  9. Can Lavu sell item by units of time? (e.g. billiards table)

    We have had a customer do something like this. You will use a timer app on the Ipad and using the open item button on Lavu enter the time. If you have more questions feel free to reach out. MPI Lavu Sales Team 1-800-518-5020 MPI Store
  10. Gift Card tracking??

    If you currently have Micros or Aloha gift cards and are converting to Lavu we can convert balances and allow you to accept the card within Lavu. We also have a back end reporting option that will allow you to track sales and redemption. This option will work with any Tgate/Bridgepay encrypted swiper. If you have questions feel free to call us. Kyle Morgan 800-518-5020
  11. Do I really need LLS

    Hello Michael, Here are some of the advantages of LLS that I found. I pulled this off of Lavu's support website at "LLS is a dedicated server installed on a Mac Mini computer. Since the server is setup in-house, your business can continue operating even when there is no Internet connection to the cloud servers, like during an Internet “outage”. As soon as the connection to the cloud server is restored, all of the latest sales data will be automatically uploaded and synced. Not every Lavu customer needs LLS, but also lists a few reasons you may want to consider it for your business: Improved performance due to on-site server. Fail-safe backup to ensure non-credit card orders are always processed regardless of Internet connection. Independence from your slow or inconsistent Internet connection. Your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) occasionally drops your internet connection. The nature of cloud computing is inherently at the mercy of your internet connections stability and speed." While I am unsure if it would increase your speeds, being that you seem to have good speeds, LLS does have it's advantages. Even the fastest internet connections have issues sometimes, such as outages. LLS also helps larger locations that have multiple devices that are running at the same time. Larger restaurants utilize more devices, which LLS helps run more smoothly, even with good internet speeds. Morgan Murr Lavu Specialist 800-518-5020
  12. MPI is here to solve your problem with getting your older existing Epson printer that you use with your current Aloha or Micros system to work using an IP/Internet connection with POS Lavu. Buy Epson Ethernet network cards from us on our store site at, install them into your printer and follow these few short steps to have your printer up and working over an IP connection in no time. I have done this with an Epson T-88iV printer, as well as an older TM U220B printer. If you are unsure whether this will work with your existing printer, give us a call at 800-518-5020 or send us an email at, and we will walk you through it. T-88iV— 1. Turn printer upside down. 2. Unscrew and open small silver compartment on the bottom. 3. Make sure while printer is laying upside down, that the two little boxes that are on the bottom next to the compartment, that say DSW1 and DSW2 (Dip Switch 1 and Dip Switch 2) are upside down. ---What is a Dip Switch you ask? A Dip Switch is an arrangement of switches in a dual in-line package used to select the operating mode of a device such as a printer. 4. When looking into the compartment, DSW1 is in the upper right section of the compartment, and DSW2 is in the lower left section. 5. Please make sure that DSW2 has the little mini switch #8 moved into the “on” position, which is when it is up. 6. Mini switches #1-#7 on DSW2 need to all be off/down. 7. Leave mini switched on DSW1 alone. TM U220B-- 1. Turn printer upside down. 2. Unscrew and open small silver compartment on the bottom. 3. Make sure while the printer is laying upside down, that the two little boxes that are on the bottom underneath the compartment, that say DSW1 and DSW2 are right side up. 4. Dip Switch 1 will be in the upper left hand corner, and Dip Switch 2 will be in the lower right hand corner. 5. Please make sure that on DSW1, there are no little switches turned to the “on” position. They all should be down or “off”. 6. On DSW2, mini switches #2 and #4 should be in the “on” position, which would be up.
  13. LAVU Savona

    Lavu Install at Savona! Mercantile Processing Inc. 800-518-5020
  14. LAVU Savona

    Lavu Install at Savona! Mercantile Processing Inc. 800-518-5020
  15. LAVU 3rd Street Bar & Grille

    Lavu Install at 3rd Street Bar & Grille! Mercantile Processing Inc. 800-518-5020