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  1. Not sure, but sounds like your having the same issue as us . The last day two ours will freeze, it gets stuck in that loading screen we're the little arrow spins round and round and never stops. Forces you to quit the app and open the ticket again . is that what happening to you ?
  2. wish me luck , so far so good though, my swipers are USB which plug into the receipt printer , LAVU said some other swipers may be affected but so far so good ,we tested it and it works its only been updated for about an hour though so who knows ... Any One else update to the new IOS yet ?
  3. Lavu 3.0.1 - Will it work?

    thats great news Daniel, ill probably give it a go in a week or so, I'm on retro now and like it a lot , but I'm curious to see the new one.
  4. Lavu 3.0.1 - Will it work?

    are your phones ringing off the hook at tech support ?