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  1. Quickbooks Integration

    I would seriously examine all of the other options out there if I were to be starting all over again. Because we already paid the main license fee, we probably wouldn't switch unless we saw something that's amazingly better. I have not looked at other options, but I am just disappointed at the speed of development. I am hoping there's a lot of activity behind the scenes, but we haven't seen much of anything in terms of features. Things that were promised still don't work or are half-assed: loyalty integration with our merchant services, Lavu2Go online ordering (terrible and useless), integration with QuickBooks (complete custom reports aren't even done yet after almost a year... we still have to use "old" reports to get some data we need). Having said that, it's been solid for the most part - reliable and doesn't crash on us in the middle of a big night. (Offline mode was added recently that has saved us on more than one occasion). It's just tough because theres never any feedback from Lavu about future developments and what they are NOW working on. Like, ever.
  2. Quickbooks Integration

    It's actually been great. Set it up once, and forget about it. But again, this should be included in Lavu's offerings. And they have been talking about it for 2 years now. Ridiculous. But as for Shogo - highly recommended. It saves me a bunch of time. It is worth $1 a day to me at this point. Their service was extremely quick and helped me get setup in less than 2 days. Their replies were within minutes. Highly appreciated what they had to offer.
  3. Quickbooks Integration

    I was trying to post this as a reply in one of the many open threads asking for Quickbooks integration but this new site isn't allowing me to reply to threads. Trying a new topic: I am using Shogo for my integration into Quickbooks. It's costing me $30 a month, which is a bit expensive. But it also averages out to less than a dollar a day for me to NOT have to enter my daily sales receipt. They are a lot more responsive than POS Lavu has been. If they build out their business analytics, it will be worth the price. Having said that, this is a feature that's a NO BRAINER for POS Lavu. I feel like we are missing so many features that I deem necessary: QBOnline integration (Quickbooks for Windows, really? Online version HAS to be more popular!), fixing LavuToGo, Gift Card and Loyalty Program integration. We have been customers for 3 years and find it sadly not keeping pace with our customer's demands.
  4. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Thanks for the update regarding Quickbooks for Windows. I am sad it's not Quickbooks online (which seems to be an easier integration as you both have APIs). I agree with many above that QBO is probably the preferred software of people using cloud-based POS. When you say "sometime in 2015," can you narrow it down to a quarter? Q2? Q4? Big difference, and one that might force consideration of other options. Thanks Brian
  5. Rafael, You posted this in June. It is now 7 months after June. I work in software development so I understand timelines are flexible and unpredicatble. But it would appear that 7 months past the expected launch of a product in development "for a while" already, is kind of abnormal. Have there been delays? Do you have any new information regarding this ability to integrate with Quickbooks online? It's the one thing that really prevents me from being thrilled with the POSLavu product and recommending it to fellow restaurateurs. I waste SO much time doing duplicative work, it's nuts. Thanks for your time, Brian
  6. Why hasn't LAVU integrated with Quickbooks yet?