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  1. So one of our handhelds, specifically a white iPod touch will not send tickets to the bar consistently. Not sure what to do with this problem. We have three iPod touches with Linear Pro card readers on them and all of them are not consistent in reading credit cards throughout the night, or freezing (only the white one fails nightly in sending tickets to the bar) Would it help to uninstall and then reinstall the Lavu program on each other every other day? Not sure how much longer we can have servers and customers getting frustrated with the handhelds not working consistently. Part of the problem, in identifying the problem, is that the problems do not happen consistently. For example, it would be one thing if every night at precisely 8pm they wouldn't read cards. The problems happen randomly but guaranteed every night with at least one of the handhelds. I'm just wondering if these problems will continue to persist to the point where we cut our losses and spend another few thousand on getting 3 more iPads with card readers for the servers which would really suck after all the money we spent on the handhelds and their card readers. Nate Athens Uncorked