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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply but unfortunately moving from our Reservation application is not an option as we are also also operating within a specific vertical market of TimeShare (Sales & Management) as well as generic hotel reservations.
  2. Hi, I am in the process of looking at Lavu POS as a solution for our International Hotel & resort chain for our Bars & Restaurants. We would like to allow a payment method of "Room Charge" that will post the amount of a check to our 3rd party Hotel reservations system customer folios. Does anyone have any experience of using the Lavu POS API to do this and can it be done? We have integrated in the past other Bar & restaurant POS systems to do this with our Hotel System "Timeshareware" that has an open interface. normally the process would be: 1 - select payment method room Charge 2 - prompt for the room number as a reference 3 - enter the room number and query the hotel system for a matching room Id with a customer in-house. 4 - return the client name that is checked in. 5 - If that name is correct then submit, close the check in the POS system and post the amount on to room Id folio account. I would be keen to speak to any businesses that have implemented room charging with Lavu POS and a 3rd party Hotel reservation system or anybody that knows if this is possible with the API. Regards