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  1. Upgrade from Retro

    I've completely given up. Moving to a new POS in the next few months. Lavu has had enough time to play catch up but they are not interested in the slighted.
  2. Upgrade from Retro

    Nope - have tried each new version and cannot run them. Battery life is the main issue - even ipads which are plugged in eventually die (can't understand how that is even possibe). I would be very much interested in knowing what the split between retro and anything above that is. Anybody else? Or perhaps someone from Lavu could shine some light?
  3. Front End 86 Tracking Ability

    Please, this seems such a basic feature which I'm sure almost every user would use daily. Having to 86 items from the backend is absolutely useless to most users. Menus can be huge and stock levels can change daily therefore it is not any use for, what I would imagine, most venues. Simply allowing any user (or perhaps admin only) or 86 an item from the management tools would be extremely valuable to us. However, even if this feature did get added, we wouldn't be able to use it as we are still stuck on retro version 2.14 until Lavu sorts the huge issues still hanging around 3.0+ then we will be stuck on this version for the foreseeable future.
  4. New IOS 9.2 newest lavu version

    I'm not quite sure what to do as I need something long term and I am extremely worried about the future of Lavu. Everything over the last 8 months seems to be just grinding to a halt . . . perhaps someone at Lavu can shine some light on where things are going?
  5. New IOS 9.2 newest lavu version

    I'm sure Pizzaiolo is aware that there is different from the versions of Lavu as he has said he is on Retro and 8.4.1 . . . . as am I. I have tried iOS 8.4.1 with Lavu 3.0.3 and it was just as bad as 3.0 and 3.0.1. We are a busy coffee shop and restaurant serving around 2000 customers per week and it was a nightmare. I couldn't believe some of the problems from 3.0 were still present: the battery drain our iPads will not sleep on anything above Retro therefore they are dead around lunchtime! this does not happen on retro as they can still be on 70% at the end of the day. In fact even our terminals which are on charge all the time will still end up almost dying, I didn't even think that could be possible! Also there is still the issue with multiple orders on tables, it is possible to select an open table and end up starting a new order instead of adding to the existing order. Then all the other problems which are still present in 3.0.3 such as orders not auto closing on check out, tickets printing out random characters instead of tickets, the open/closed order sections being useless. We have 4 tableside iPad minis. If I hit closed orders on all 4 of them after lunch time they will all bring up different orders. Some from weeks ago and some from the current day. I have informed Lavu of these issues and many others and they have not been address, the fact that they are still around and being reported by many users is unbelievable considering 3.0 launched at the start of the year! I have written to Rafeal through the forums about this and I am still waiting for a reply from two weeks ago. I'm not sure how much longer I am prepared to wait for things to improve as the past 8 months have been night and day compared to when I first signed up with Lavu last year. I was excited about new features and loved the reliability of Lavu but now I am stuck on Retro and dread the day when I have to buy a new iPad which comes with iOS 9 already installed.
  6. Mix and match pricing

    Is it at all likely that we will see some kind of mix and match pricing options in the future? We have many special offers on and at the moment the happy hour feature is almost no good. For example: a 2 course lunch deal should automatically apply a special price when a starter and main are purchased at a certain time. At the moment we have to do this with separate items which makes the workflow so much more complicated. Many thanks Michael White
  7. I'm getting real fed up with Lavu now. Absolutly no answers to questions / bugs that have been going on since Lavu 3.0. It seems that after 3.0 was released everyone just gave up. I decided to move to 3.0.3 from 2.whatever and I can't belive that some of the same issues are still present from 3.0 The battery life is being sucked away because the iPads can't sleep/lock when app is open. I brought this to their attention at 3.0 release and it is still not been fixed. I'm currently looking else where as other providers seem to be listening to their customers more.
  8. Clocking in

    Can we please have some updates on the clocking system some features which would make it much more useful: Rounding clock punches. The option to round up/down to the nearest 5, 10 or x minutes. The option to pay or not pay staff during breaks. We currently pay staff for their breaks but lavu does not therefore we cannot use clocking for payrollThe feature "prevent employees clock in / out x minutes before / after shift" still does not work. I have been through support many times with this issue and still no answers Thanks Michael White
  9. Update on new features?

    Seems like nothing is happening right now . . . Lavu 3.0 was a disaster, 3.0.1 fixed nothing and 3.0.2 has been promised but nothing yet. Lavu ToGo has been broken since launch (tickets were supposed to print x minutes before pick up time, without that it is almost useless), the feature which stop employees clocking in / out before / after their shift doesn't work. It really feels like nothing has been done this year so far which is really disappointing as last year new features were rolled out at a good pace. At the moment I'm still on 2.3.13 and I guess I will be for a while.
  10. At a glance chart

    Would anyone else prefer if the "at a glance" chart would show total revenue earned rather than cards, cash and gift cards separately. At a quick glance, it would appear that June was a better month for us than May when really we just took a higher proportion of cash compared to cards. Even the total sales for the month was actually less. Perhaps the chart could also include a line of total revenue also?
  11. Hi again, can someone please explain to me how to use this feature: "Disallow user from clocking minutes before/after shift:" When I schedule a user to start at a certian time and have this setting set to 5 minutes, the user can still clock in at any time they like? Surely that is not supposed to happen? I had submitted a ticket for this but no solution was found to the problem? Many thanks Michael White
  12. Lavu 3.0.1 - Will it work?

    Thanks Jim for that. I have upgraded on my phone only so that I can test it from time to time when the restaurant is closed and it sounds like I am getting the same thing as you. When the restaurant is closed and all orders have been closed for the day I can still go to open orders and get a bunch of orders showing as open. When returning the the dining room it shows those tables as being open. After a few seconds it does change and all tables return to being clear but the orders which show as open are not always the same. If I return to open orders then back to the dining room the app will sometimes crash. It does seem that the same issues are in 3.0.1 as before so I think I'll stick to retro for now . . .
  13. Lavu 3.0.1 - Will it work?

    Thanks for the reply and I'm glad to hear that the phone lines are staying clear for now! Can you please confirm if the bug has been fixed which was causing the app to prevent the iPads from sleeping and draining the battery. I have tested it 3.0.1 on my iPhone for a little while and I have found that it is still draining the battery at an alarming rate. I always lock my phone however it appears to be when then app is running in the background it is draining the battery. Michael White
  14. Hi there, I'm glad to see 3.0.1 is out shortly. However, I am a little hesitant to move away from 2.13 and I'm sure I wont be alone. What assurances do we have that it will work and not cause problems? We are an extremely busy restaurnt every day of the week therefore I do not have any "quiet" times to try it out and weed out any problems. I wish I wasn't having to ask these questions but I cannot have another repeat of the switch over to 3.0 Many thanks Michael White
  15. Lavu 3.0 problems

    Thanks for getting back to me Rafael. I have already submitted a ticket with all the required info for support to look into it. Maybe other users are not getting these issues but we are for sure, I have provided order numbers for the advisors to look into and you can take a look at our end of day reports to see that our figures don’t match up. As I have spoken to you already about, over the last few months we have been experiencing many issues with 2.3.13 as well therefore I don’t particularly want to do that either.