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  1. Is there a maximum database size?

    Thank you for the offer, John. I am out of the country, and other techs from my company are on this with our current Lavu rep. However, I am passing on your information to them, in case they need a second opinion. Thank you.
  2. Is there a maximum database size?

    We were told by our POSLavu rep that it would speed up the significant time we're spending with getting the DB set up in the cloud. Of course, we want the cloud for backup anyway, so fine Bst if having the local Mini server will allow us to have the DB we currently need AND it works faster, then it's better for us that way. It's just that we're hearing conflicting reports that Lavu can or cannot handle DBs of this size. And since we're already quite invested in this project (switching from Aloha), the manager is getting rather angry at the situation. Because of the wine menu at this restaurant, database size was the FIRST question our sommelier asked. We were assured it wasn't a problem. But 500 of the 1200 wines into seems to be a problem. We are confused, to say the least.
  3. We will want to host our DB locally on a Mac Mini and have it synch with your cloud service. But our DB has over 1000 wines with descriptions and pictures. Is there a maximum size that can be handled by the program? We are possibly looking at a 25GB+ DB.