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  1. Looking for a cloud based POS for a Comedy Club

    Thanks for some quick answers. - I would suggest looking into the reservation feature. I have heard someone else in the cloud POS market has it. Lavu was my first stop in my quest. - Credit card swipe with open tab is a must. Comedy Clubs are a fast paced environment for servers and this just makes the job easier. So far everything looks really good...just hoped it had a reservation feature.
  2. I am trying to find the right POS system for a comedy club that I am putting together. There are so many out there I feel I need to ask around and find the system that works the best for me. I'm starting with Lavu because it seems to have some depth on the market. - It seems like I saw that ipad minis worked for this system. confirm? I would want to use those for the servers. - Reservations - does this system manage reservations? can I make those on the fly from anywhere (cloud based?) - Will Lavu work on android smartphones? Can I make reservations through the system with my smartphone? I have no problems using only apple products in the club but everyone involved has smartphones and it would be convenient to be able to use them off premises for reservations. These would be my first and most important questions before tackling initial and monthly costs