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  1. Quickbooks Integration

    Thanks for the fast response. So apart from that, would you still go with Lavu if you were to open your restaurant now? It looks like a great POS system, but after checking this forum I'm starting to have some doubts.
  2. Quickbooks Integration

    Hi Floundies, How is Shogo working for you so far? I'm about to open a new location and I really like Lavu, but I also think that Quickbooks or Xero integration should be a Lavu feature already.
  3. 2016 Chip & Pin Credit Cards

    I'm opening my restaurant (hopefully)by October. Do you think you'll have that information by then?
  4. 2016 Chip & Pin Credit Cards

    Hello everybody, I'd like to know what kind of swipers or pin pads is POS LAVU going to be compatible with, once the new Chip & Pin credit cards appear by the end of this year.
  5. Inventory

    I´m considering this POS system for my restaurant. I have to agree with "zinque". Inventory management is really crucial, time consuming and expensive, given the labor costs. There aren't many POS systems out there with a proper inventory management feature. If POS LAVU gets this done, I can't imagine a restaurant manager that wouldn't buy it.
  6. Payment Gateway Question

    I'm thinking of Dharma merchant services and USA epay (paysaber clip) or MX gateway (IDynamo). Do you have any problems integrating those sistems?
  7. Credit Card Swipers

    I´m considering POS LAVU for my restaurant, but this swiper problem is a concern. Do you have any news on the matter yet? Thanks.
  8. How is 2.3.5 working so far?

    I'm considering POS LAVU for my new start up restaurant, and I se that the software it´s getting better and better. I have some concerns though (based on the complaints I've seen online). 1.) Bugs 2.) Sistem Reliability 3.)Does it have some new features? Thanks.
  9. I'm starting a new restaurant in 7-8 months and I'm considering POS Lavu to be my pos system. I've been doing some research online, and there are some software issues that have been pointed out by other users and reviewers. I realy like pos lavu, but these are my main concerns: 1) Is PosLavu easy to use on IPOD touch? I read some comments saying that it's pretty difficult to take orders using the ipod. Splitting the check is said to be troublesome too. Is there any video review of Lavu working on an IPOD? 2)Do I need a specific router in order to guarantee the efficiency of the network? Do I need a 4g backup? 3)Are Idynamo credit card readers reliable enough to work without a backup pin pad reader? 4)Do I need an Ipad connected to each cash drawer or are they connected to the printers? 5) Bugs. Is that problem solved in the 2.3.5 version? Thank you.