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  1. Lavu Togo Customer Details?

    Thanks Kay88, My new site is up and running now but still testing. We will make some more changes and there are other items to go on the menu plus new pics etc. This is more about testing functions. As I said, it integrates to Lavu quite easily but the above mentioned functions would improve it ten times. You can check it out and any feedback is more than welcome.
  2. Hi Lavu Community, I'm new here and have just started using Lavu for our Pizza Delivery in Shanghai, China. So far I'm loving it - it's great. Previously we were using Point of Success. I chose the change to Lavu after our last hardware crashed because Lavu is so user friendly which is particularly useful for my Chinese staff and it is easy to update and manage by distance. As we are in China we cannot use Lavu Togo but I was given the API which I was told could integrate into our current online ordering system. I hired a developer to rebuild our site which was getting a little tired and we are almost complete. Our custom base is about 50/50 Chinese to Expats. 90% of our orders for delivery and currently 20% of those are online and 80% by phone. Our new site will integrate Chinese social media and offer free delivery for online orders. We also have a referral and points system for our customers to accure credit for food and merchandise purchasing. The idea behind the changes is to funnel most of our orders online to save time and staffing costs (particularly the need for competent English speaking staff). The system works well but for two rather important details which I am surprised are not available. Firstly, when an order is made there is no current alarm. I understand that email alerts are available but I when an order is placed into 'Open Orders' surely the option to have an alert sound would be simple and practical and save having to run two systems. Also, the food order arrives perfectly with all options included but no customer details so we don't know who made the order or where to send it. This function would make the system so much more practical and attractive to potential customers. For my business it makes no sense to have an online ordering system which doesn't include the customer information. Is it that hard to integrate and add an API? Currently we will run Lavu together with our email which means I need two devices to be efficient. When an order arrives we receive an email alert. On our Lavu ipad we check 'Open Orders' and on our second device we open the email. Then we confirm order numbers match then search Lavu for the customer customer. If they are a previous customer we can find them, if not we then enter the new customer details. We save some time from a phone call but it could be so much more. Are Lavu planning to add or include customer information and alerts into the Togo system anytime in the near future? We love the Lavu system but I am disappointed it is missing what seems a simple and absolutely essential feature which would improve online ordering tenfold. Has anyone else had issue with this? How are you managing this? Thanks Shanghai PIzza