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  1. 2.1 Features

    I wanted to start this topic to list all of the new features (regardless of how minor) that users have noticed and perhaps how you'll be using them. steveanderson mentioned speed A minor feature that I love is having the ability to Exit Server from the Open Orders & Closed Orders screens. I used to hate having to hit Dining Room, waiting, and then hitting Exit Server.
  2. Pos Lavu 2.1 Speeds...

    The new update is definitely faster! I love it. Thanks guys.
  3. Square Monthly Fee

    Integration is definitely a plus! If you could get Square on board that would be unbelievable. The thing I like about Square is that there are no hidden fees. Either you pay $275/month to process $21K or 2.75% per transaction. Period. No other fees ever. I sound like a salesman but that's just how passionate I am about products I believe in. The same thing happened when I set my sights on POSLavu. I couldn't (and can't) stop raving about you guys ever! BTW, $21K at $275/month is only 1.31%. That's ridiculously low. SAILpay looks pretty good too. I just haven't looked into it as much. Also, when will SAIL be available for us non-POSLavuLite users? Thanks David!
  4. Square Monthly Fee

    I'm interested in how you guys feel about Square. Square is a credit card processing company that allows any business or individual to process credit cards on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet). They recently introduced a new pricing structure which seems like it will benefit small restaurants which process less than $21,000 per month. Basically, it's a subscription-based pricing structure where you pay a flat monthly fee of $275 to process any of the four major credit card brands as long as each transaction is less than $400 and up to $21,000 in processing per month. Any processing over $21,000 in a single month AND any transaction over $400 will process at 2.75%. So what does everyone think? Is this something any of you guys would benefit from? We process more than $21K per month but even if we paid 2.75% for the rest of our processing we'd be saving a lot of money. Does anyone use this. If so, how much has it saved you? Furthermore, where the heck have Square and SAIL been for the past eight years? I'm almost angry that we've been getting ripped off by our credit card processors. That's strange, I entered a few paragraph breaks before I submitted. Sorry, guys.
  5. Incorrect Time Card Count

    Each minute represents 0.0167 of an hour or 1.67% of an hour. That's why 30 minutes will show up as 0.5 hours (half of one hour).
  6. I currently don't have a need for this, but you have my vote. I can see how a bar would benefit from this.
  7. Time settings.

    Let's vote for this then, guys.
  8. QR Code Discounts

    Great idea. You could have the QR code print out on customer receipts and, say, something like, "Bring this receipt within the next 3 days and get $5 off your next order." Then, the next time they come in just scan the QR code.
  9. Lavu CoPilot

    It would be cool to be able to see the payment methods (cash, credit card, etc).
  10. Add Cash to Card

    This is a great idea. I can see how a bar would need this feature.
  11. iPad Mini

    Is anyone running POSlavu on an iPad mini? I'm a Lavu Gold subscriber and am using two iPads and several iPhones to take orders. Will I be able to add an iPad Mini?
  12. Modify New Tables

    We also have tables in our dining room labeled "TO GO 1," however I really like Rafael's brilliant idea of having a dummy menu item that also says "TO GO." I'm so using that! We currently write " TO GO TO GO TO GO (CUSTOMER NAME)" in the notes section of the last item also. These forums are for sharing great ideas. Keep 'em coming.
  13. Messaging

    Great idea!
  14. Servers Net Cash Due

    This is a great idea.