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  1. Help for a New Customer

    Hey Web, Sometimes users reopen orders, the best thing to do is to go into the orders, go to Checkout, Go to the Lavu Menu and select Close Order. I generally do this once a week to make sure that the records all line up. I wouldn't recommend voiding them. Hope this helps Marc
  2. Pre-loading Gift Cards

    Hi Little Crane, I would create a discount type and call it Donations or something to that effect. Once you have processed your gift card, discount the bill to $0. That way when you want to report on how many gift cards you have given to charity over the year you will be able to report on that discount type. Hope this helps Marc
  3. Quantity type-in option

    You can also add the Quantity modifier so that it prompts you on how many tickets you want to add.
  4. At the moment if I want to search for a particular order number, I need to search using the app first, finding the date the order was made on and then search by date range on the control panel. Would be great to have this function available on the control panel. Another function that would be handy is search by price bracket.
  5. PosLavu PLU system

    https://support.lavu.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172230-Section-2-1-Creating-Inventory-Lists-and-Items I would create the PLU as an Ingredient, leave quantity as 0, Unit you can leave blank, leave the cost as 0 and leave the low alert blank. Then assign each PLU to the menu item or forced modifier as required, when it is used it will generate into the inventory usage report which you should then be able to use with your 3rd party software Be sure to let me know if this works for you!
  6. PosLavu PLU system

    I am just trying to think about ways to configure the app to do what you want it to. POS Lavu does have a UPC field in the menu, I am not sure, however, on how to report using that, the inventory function does allow tracking of the usage of menu items so I would be inclined to use it instead, you can set it up to use the PLU codes if that is what you need it to do, then you can assign the PLU to the menu item or modifier and track it that way. If you also set your drinks up in the inventory as well you would be able to just report it from the one location. Possibly not the most ideal solution, but at least it could be a stop gap measure until they develop a PLU option.
  7. PosLavu PLU system

    Could you use the inventory system to track this for you? ie add the coleslaw to the sharer plate and the side of coleslaw and track the amount this way?
  8. Issues with music

    Hi, this is because POS Lavu uses the audio jack for credit card readers, it was a feature that came out about a year and a half ago and there is no fix at this stage. I would suggest trying an alternative music source. Hope this helps
  9. First Official Day on LAVU

    I have been using Lavu for the past 2 years and I can tell you that you have made a good choice as far as customisation goes. I have looked at other POS systems whilst being on Lavu and I can tell you that none quite come close to the functionality that Lavu has. If you are doing any table service, really encourage your servers to take the ordering device to the table and start using it! I use iPad Minis and find them to be awesome.
  10. Zapper Integration

    Just saw this app and thought what a great idea for Lavu https://www.zapper.com/
  11. It would be great to be able to deploy POS Lavu via AirWatch MDM especially to have it preconfigured with the correct credentials etc. for when POS Lavu is opened on the device for the first time.
  12. Bar Code Scanners/Inventory

    There is the ability to put in a barcode in the menu setup that can be read with a linea pro scanner https://support.lavu.com/hc/en-us/articles/200107725-Section-1-3-Menu-Item-Details and https://support.lavu.com/hc/en-us/articles/201382434-Linea-Pro-4-and-5 Also Zephyr seems to sell some bluetooth scanners as well so they must be a posibility
  13. What is happening with Tyro as it was announced around 2 years ago that integration was soon going to be available. Did this project just die off? Are we going to get some form of integration in the future?
  14. We use the autosend at checkout in our location as we do table service and some quickserve.
  15. Wow, that looks amazing, what a clever solution you have created. I really like your use of android tablets for the KDS and the integrated loyalty.