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  1. Please I agree Print voided item to the kitchen printer will be great
  2. Auto send after exit order

    This Is a good one
  3. Tipping on gift card transactions

    Hi Daniel.... This could help you... With our Mexican payment Gateway... we add tip in transaction with Gift Cards... It is an integrations step... because the tip options always appear for cc transactions and for gift cards. But honestly not so much customers used to tip the servers when they pay with a giftcards
  4. Show on Receipt - Details / Options

    Me too, The way that tecsol siad it is ok... Because we do not need that this items will be in the sales report or sales by item
  5. We also need to move one specific item to another table.... with out void the item..
  6. Show on Receipt - Details / Options

    Totally agree with tecsol We have so many buttons with so many customers here in mexico in zero dollars that said... FOOD AWAY, DRINK AWAY, ENTREE AWAY, DESSERT AWAY and all that buttons or items are printed in the receipt of the customer
  7. Set a backup kitchen printer

    Back up printers would be great!!!
  8. pizza pos...

    Is no t going to be able for Silver?
  9. Seeing double vision

    Hi Lavu lovers!!! I have the same problem with all my customers. I already submit a ticket support and the support guys told me that is not a LAVU ISSUE is an iOS 7 issue... Rafael really I appreciate that the develop team is pushing forward, to solve this problem. It has been a ward week because all the Lavu users in Mexico have to delay with this problem every day... I will appreciate any news about this issue
  10. It will be great if we could have this feature!!! In Mexico in some regions, like CanCun, Cabo, Mazatlan, and some other places We accept US Dollars in the restaurants.... $1 USD = $13 pesos We would like to have a new feature that allow us to set up manually a currency, in order to configure it personally each week, depend of type of change of the central bank. I think that this feature will help to all the international Lavu Users outside of the US
  11. Customer info

    Please Plesae!!! I already signed with a Pizza Shop franchise…. They started to work in 8 pizza shops, and they just Love Lavu…. But they are a little bit disappointed because They do a lot of delivery services and LAVU has not an option to have customer database that support customer street address and phone number. This franchise also would like a database in which cashiers could search entering the phone number so we don't have to ask the repeated customers their name and address every time they call. I said that they are a little bit disappointed because cheaper POS here in Mexico has this feature, and Im talking about 100 dlls POS
  12. Servers Net Cash Due

    Lennie is rigth!!! Many of my customers have many, cash drawers too, and all of them perform cash deposit. It will be great if you can add to the register summary the "paid out" and “paid in†and the net cash to the register summary. Obviously we have in the back end the paid in and paid out report, but only it is accessible only from the back end. I also know that the receipt printer prints little pieces of paper but at the end of day the cashiers have to do the math, and if somebody lose the little receipt in becomes a mess. Please add the Register Net cash
  13. It will be easier and great if the dev. team could restrict *Reopen Orders* and *void the payment* by acces level..... And any customer could restrict this function to level 2 or level 3
  14. We need this feature too..... but something also important is to have a choice to select if the item will be discounted of the inventory or not…. Ex… If a customer change of mind about a salad we have to void the item, and print it in the kitchen in order to advice them….. And the second scenario…. A server need to void a NewYork steak because it had a FLY or taste horrible, etc…. Obviously he have to void the item and discount it from the inventory like waste. This 2 scenarios happened all the time in a restaurant….
  15. Discount By Super Group

    My customers in Mexico need a group discounts or by super group.... And talking about the Happy hour… it is great but it is a little bit useless…some customers, have 2 Happy Hour the same day….. like the beer shappy hour every from 1 pm to 3 pm, and Terquilas happy hour from 4 to 6 every day…. So we can’t set up this kinds of happy hour