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  1. Lavu to go

    Is it possible to select days of the week for Lavu to go in the same format as setting up happy hour? We are closed Sunday and Monday but I can't set it up...... unless I am missing something
  2. Lavu to go

    Thank you! Now that I selected the categories, I cannot get the script code to appear on our website. If I type in the url site, it's there with correct categories. When I apply a optional modifier......a number shows up instead of the spelled out modifier. Plus I need to be able to select days along with times for accepting online orders.
  3. Lavu to go

    Just today starting setting up Lavu To Go but deleted code from our website since I can't control the menu. We serve lunch and dinner and have a extensive wine and bar list. I only want for now our lunch menu for to-go. Alchohol to go is a NO, NO so is it possible to select which menu is offered on Lavu To Go
  4. The Importance of Reports

    I would like to see sales by month similar to the sales by date so that we can see at a glance monthly trends.
  5. POS Lavu 2.3.5

    Very pleased with this update......we went ahead just to be able to get rid of the scrolling double vision. We have been with Lavu for over two years and can't wait to see where we go from here!!! I would like to see sales by month similar to the sales by date so that we can see at a glance monthly trends.
  6. Modifying auto gratuity on check??

    We do not use credit card intergration, therefore that feature would not solve my issue. I need to be able to adjust % of auto gratuity with changing the entire system. For now I have had to go into back end, change %, print check! then change back to normal %.
  7. Is there a way to over-ride the pre-determined auto gratuity from the front end. I would like to be able to change percentage or to enter particular amount with changing the entire system.
  8. Happy Hour Nightmare

    Out of nowhere Thursday night in a pre-theatre dinner rush the "happy hour nightmare" returned.....with items outside of the defined category ringing up a half price. Tried to reach support by phone....left message....Joesph in support left message...said he tried 5 times to return call....as I said busy dinner rush with cell phone in back packet on silent and it was only 3 missed calls. I had no option but to remove happy hour and re- enter items that were discounted. I have previously been told to not remove so support could see what was happening as when they look at my account...everything is working as it should.(imagine that) We thought at first, that it was only on iPods, but realized on iPads too. This has to have something to do with forced modifiers.....instead of applying discount to all forced modifiers in the enabled category.....the discount is applying to all forced modifiers. Help....Rafael....can you jump in on this?
  9. Happy Hour Nightmare

    Thank you! I spent a while on the phone with Charles.....he changed my server but there was not a "true explanation" of why this was happening. I reviewed guest checks last night and it seemed fine.
  10. Happy Hour Nightmare

    Very Frustrated! Last week I set in place a half price happy hour for our WineStation machines from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. At first price was not discounted....had to apply to forced modifiers. Support worked on it and said to include modifiers......it now discounts any menu item with a modifier. It also seemed that it applied the discount outside of the set time frame. How do I get this to work correctly? Lost $$$ last night since servers did not catch that their entrees were ringing up half price.
  11. Server summary

    Where was the server summary moved in the most recent update....only see server tips.
  12. New KDS ???

    Is the KDS pro ready for roll out?
  13. Reservations Manager

    We use Rezbook on an Ipad and also have a version of Open Table that does not include their full set up. Open Table reservations are emailed to us and I actually enter them on the Rezbook app. I also add to the Rezbook app any phone and walk in guests. Recently, it was announced that Open Table has purchased Rezbook....so, it will be interesting to see how this is going to translate to us.
  14. New KDS ???

    What is the projected date for the new KDS that was shown as a sneak peek on Facebook?
  15. Server on the take.

    The kitchen changed log under reports should give you the details that you need.