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  1. Learn more: “Healthy lifestyles†is a hot topic these days, and many New Year’s resolutions include making these types of self-improvements. With their high quality protein shakes, health blends, and other complementary nutritional food products, Shake Smart’s mission since 2011 has been to remove the hassle and confusion from achieving proper nutrition. “We specialize in freshly blended protein shakes and other healthy products for today’s on-the-go consumer,†President Kevin Gelfand said. Founded by two San Diego State University students, Shake Smart addressed the busy schedules and restricted budgets of students who too often neglect healthy eating in favor of more inexpensive and convenient options. “The growth of our business would not be possible without Lavu POS,†Gelfand said. “The real time reports, clock in/out capabilities, inventory tracking, and hourly rush reports have made it possible to scale our business quickly.†“When it came time for expansion Lavu POS was not only great for the price point but also easy to duplicate for different locations,†Gelfand continues. “It took a simple phone call and we were able to have our entire ingredient list, menu items, and other modifications duplicated over to the new location.†With Lavu as their point of sale and business management system, Shake Smart has expanded to six locations and has grown from three to eighty-two employees. Shake Smart:
  2. Quit your job and sell cakes for a living? That is what After All Coffee & Bakery owner Fai Monthida did, and she has created a successful business that is a favorite of her regular customers. “I learned about cooking and baking at the University,†Monthida said. “After I graduated I sold cakes part time. Once I had a regular clientele, I decided to quit my job and open a coffee shop.†Young coconut cake. Green tea matcha cake. These delicious After All treats, along with soft chocolate and strawberry short cakes are all highly rated on -- and After All's loyal customers agree! The first eight years were challenging in some ways, according to Monthida. “It was very difficult tracking voided orders or controlling loss prevention." But recently she switched to Lavu iPad POS. "With Lavu I have reports for every void, item adjustment, and payments applied to orders. It’s also very easy to check inventory from home and keep tabs on ingredients available.†After All Coffee & Bakery worked with SoftLavu of Thailand to ensure a proper install. For those in Thailand looking for a point of sale with business management software built in, contact SoftLavu for a consultation and a Free 14 day Trial. In Thailand: Tel: +6691-010-9200 (sales in Thailand) For the rest of the world: Tel: 1-855-767-5288
  3. “A million things to talk about,†is the motto and direct translation of Laanlao restaurant, located in Sisaket Thailand. “I love to collect classic memorabilia,†owner Mr. Boy said. “I decided to open Laanlao so I could share all the stuff that I’ve collected with people who have the same interests that I do.†The restaurant’s decor is unique, featuring old movie posters, paintings of rock stars and guitars, and a life sized Spider Man replica scaling the wall. Mr. Boy said, “I wanted to create a place that my friends could come and enjoy. The first floor is set for dining, while the second floor is for a drinking and chilling place. We have sofas scattered everywhere so people can drink and hang out.†“Lavu makes it easy to check everything in my restaurant,†Mr. Boy continues. “I have a lot of business and sometimes I don’t stay in my restaurant.†Along with remote access, Mr. Boy likes the ease of Lavu POS. “The system is easy to use, and reduces mistakes our staff could make using paper and pens. Lavu POS is a very cool system.†For more info about iPad POS in Thailand: For iPad POS everywhere else:
  4. “We have a fisherman in the family, and he knows how to cook fish, so our food is fresh! †said Mr. Nu, owner of Je Kiew Seafood. “Our restaurant is located beside the beach, so our customers can enjoy a beautiful view while they enjoy fresh seafood.†“We live in Hua Hin, a beautiful beach town in Thailand,†he said. According to Nu, tourists love to visit, but once they settle in they don’t want to leave, even to get a good meal. “Visitors began to ask my sister ‘Je Kiew’ to cook for them, after tasting her delicious recipes.†Apparently the news of her exceptional cooking spread quickly. “We began with deliveries only,†added Nu, “but demand was great so we decided to open a restaurant. We chose the name ‘Je Kiew Seafood’ because it is a family business.†Ten years later, the restaurant is more popular than ever. Mr. Nu selected Lavu iPad POS because he needed a fast system to improve service. He soon learned that the Lavu inventory and sales reports were what helped his business the most. “We learned what our best sellers were and can now estimate how many dishes we should prepare each day. This helps us keep our food as fresh as we can make it.†If you visit Hua Hin, be sure to stop in for some local cuisine. For more info about iPad POS in Thailand: For iPad POS everywhere else:
  5. Troops serving overseas say that stepping into a Green Bean Coffee is like having “15 minutes of home.†Operating in some of the most dangerous places in the world, Green Bean Coffee serves troops in Afghanistan, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, and Qatar. “We were motivated by a desire to help service our deployed military service members,†President and co-founder Jon Araghi said. “We give them a safe, comfortable environment to relax, enjoy a little bit of down time, and escape the stresses of their everyday environment.†“Here at home we operate our cafes at military bases and civilian airports across the United States,†Araghi states. “We contribute a portion of every transaction to Snowball Express, the charity that cares for the children of our fallen military heroes.†The Green Bean Coffee franchise uses an iPad point of sale and business management system called Lavu. GBC currently has twenty Lavu accounts worldwide with more locations on track for 2014. Araghi said the superior system design makes it easy to upgrade, maintain, and/or replace as needed. “Lavu is affordable and very cost effective, vis-a-vis other POS systems. The system setup is fast and uncomplicated, and it’s super easy to train staff.†Lavu iPad POS is used by restaurants, coffee shops, pizza shops, bars and nightclubs, etc. GBC works with Lavu Specialist: Table Talk Technologies To get more info about this iPad POS:
  6. When Celtic Knot signed up for Lavu iPad POS, a main consideration was upfront cost. "Getting started, money was tight. You do what you can to cut corners but you don't want to sacrifice quality. This is my business and I want the best," said Brian Evans, managing partner of Celtic Knot. Cheers to all of you small business owners out there!
  7. Do you know the difference between Mexican and New Mexican cuisine? There is certainly a big difference, as anyone who has tried authentic New Mexican food knows (hello - green and red chile!) If you visit New Mexico, do yourself a favor and seek out the local eats. A good choice would be the Prickly Pear in Albuquerque. Setup by Lavu Distributor POSUSA, Prickly Pear was excited to gain so much power and flexibility with their cloud-based POS while still looking cool taking orders table side with the iPad.
  8. For new food truck business owners Karla and Mark, living is about food, fun, memories, and connecting with the community. Mark and Karla feel that Ahhromas, their wood-fired oven on wheels, will be a catalyst to bring people together for some of the finest gourmet pizza available in town. "We chose a mobile food business so that we could attend fun events and provide healthy food alternatives to what is typically associated with weekend events. We selected an Italian wood brick oven because people are drawn to the aromas, the fire, and quick cook times -- 90 seconds cook time at 800+ degrees!" reports Mark who handles the business aspects of Ahhromas. And they chose Lavu iPad point of sale (after extensive research) because it best fit their business model and exceeded their expectations as far as modern technologies were concerned. After narrowing their options to Lavu, they were pleasantly surprised by the coincidence that Lavu is also based in Albuquerque. The business partners aim to unite the community, and do what they can to support local businesses and causes when possible. "We are a proud New Mexico company that actively supports non-profit organizations that benefit troubled children and their families," stated Karla. "So every time you enjoy the flavors of Ahhromas, you'll be helping to make childhood memories a little sweeter for someone else. "
  9. Coming from years in the insurance business, Nooreen and Jason opened Kahawa Cafe to have the opportunity to have fun and just be themselves every day. "It has been an amazing journey, one which we are so glad we took. Despite setbacks, hu rdles and bumps, we dusted ourselves off and kept going -- and we have never looked back! Having a successful profitable business is an amazing feeling," said Jason about the experience. "Plus, we have given our customers an opportunity to sample some authentic East African food!" Nooreen was born in Mombasa off the coast of Kenya, so the East African inspiration for Kahawa Cafe was natural as well as authentic. Soon after opening, they realized that the old cash register was not able to cope with all the food and drink options they provided. The couple began researching current POS technologies to bring their business to a professional level. "POS Lavu has helped to streamline orders for the barista, the chef, and for front of house staff by eliminating time taken to explain orders," reports Jason. "Doing so has also eliminated order errors." Jason can attest to the value in hiring a trained professional to handle the POS system install and configuration. "My Mac provided immediate support for me in the setup process. They were always there, always reliable, always knowledgeable, and made the install an easy process. We definitely would recommend Aron and My Mac to any business starting up or looking to take it to the next level."
  10. "To offer our guests a superior takeout experience, delivered professionally, fast and accurately every time they visit -- that was the main goal," states Sheryl, Owner/Operator of Walter's Coffee Now food truck in Alberta, Canada. "We knew one of the hurdles to achieving this goal was the communication between the person taking the order from our guest and the cooks preparing the orders." They selected Lavu for their iPad POS for the consistent expedition of orders with speed and accuracy. "This is a clear advantage over other food trucks that rely solely on hand written orders," said Sheryl. Mobility was another benefit. Having the option to take the iPad away from the truck and walk to each customer to take their orders only adds to the experience. "Using the modifier checklists makes taking orders more accurate. Guests can enter customized and unique sandwich creations and then send them precisely to the cooks within seconds." Sheryl also appreciates the fact that they do not need to spend their time fumbling around with system configurations. "The support network is exceptional which allows us to focus on our customers and the food."
  11. Motivated to start her own cafe after 15 years working in hospitality, Cherin had dreams of establishing a community-based business that could employ local people. "I also wanted to offer an above average level of food and beverage in a set ting that can only be found in a regional centre such as the Blue Mountains," recalls Cherin of that process. Located at the Norman Lindsay Gallery in a separate cottage on the grounds, Lindsay's Cafe offers peace and serenity with al fresco dining. The unique nature of Lindsay's has attracted media interest over the years including Selling Houses Australia, The Great Outdoors, Woman's Day and The Sydney Morning Herald, and was the location for the film Sirens starring Hugh Grant. Choosing the right POS system was integral to helping keep the business on track. "The Lavu iPad POS helped us structure the business and be able to initiate rock solid systems. Before Lavu we had to count on the memory of the staff, but now Lavu does all the thinking for us. It has certainly made all our jobs easier. " Cherin opted to partner with a Lavu Certified Distributor, My Mac of Sydney, which she stands by as a wise business decision. "My Mac has helped us incredibly with the set up of the equipment and is very helpful with the ongoing technical support." Lindsay's Cafe's produce, whenever possible, is sourced fresh and locally. Their coffee is roasted by local Roaster Bill Parianos of Bills Bean, their apple juice is sourced from Logan Brae Orchard and their spring water is sourced from Lithgow, both in the Blue Mountains region.
  12. When her four daughters had all graduated from college and moved to different cities, Kathy was looking for a productive outlet for her energy and free time. “My daughter Katie had an interest in pastry school so I helped her research it and became interested myself. She became a nurse and I moved to New York and went to pastry school!†After returning to the Rochester area, she wanted to open a place that was small and intimate but also had a little more fun to it than most restaurants. “Our restaurant is unique because we try to not be too serious. We serve salads in mason jars and milkshakes with alcohol, but we use the best ingredients and source as many local products that we can!†Kathy is happy with her choice to use the Lavu iPad point of sale because of the remote access to sales data and other management features. “Lavu has allowed me to always be at the restaurant even when I'm not. I travel a bit to visit family, and having access (to my business) allows me peace of mind.†Being environmentally conscience, Kathy also appreciates the value that comes with being efficient. “I also like the option of emailing receipts to cut down on paper waste.†When in Rochester NY, stop by Fraîche Bistro & Dessert Bar to experience a slice of the New York city bistro scene made with the fresh food supply of the region. Hard milkshakes made with hometown dairy ice cream and delicious confections garnished with candy from neighborhood shops are just a few examples of how Fraîche Bistro serves up the local flavor.
  13. The owners of the Burrito Express restaurants in New Mexico understand the unique and enchanting flavors inherent to their home state cuisine; they also realize that once people experience these tastes, they find them hard to live without. The green and red chile of New Mexico, for example, can only be found in the "Land of Enchantment". Burrito Express is here to deliver the goods, with drive thru, take out, and both indoor and outdoor seating available. "Most chile and burritos can be frozen and shipped overnight," they once proclaimed on their website, to the delight of those New Mexican expatriates looking for a chile fix. When they chose to expand their business and add new locations, the owners looked for ways to improve their day to day business routines and ultimately their bottom line. "We realized that our POS system was not efficient and was actually costing us money rather than saving. When we looked into upgrading the POS system we had at the time, we found that the cost was nearly the same as the price we paid to install the system in the first place!" For all three of their locations, Burrito Express selected the Lavu iPad point of sale system, not only for the reporting and management tools (and the coolness factor of the iPad), but also for the ease of use. "We hired POSUSA (Certified Lavu Distributors in New Mexico) to install Lavu and to help us learn how to use the system. Their knowledge of Lavu and of ways to increase productivity in our restaurant far exceeded our expectations. Lavu is easy for everyone in our 30+ employee restaurant to use, and the installation was simple and fast, completed in a day's work. Thank you Jason (of POSUSA, Certified Lavu Distro)!"
  14. "We source primarily from local farms, and try to keep things seasonal," says Michael about his Cafe Mio restaurant in Gardiner, New York. "We specialize in craft beers and local wines, trying to source everything within a 20 mile radius." Opening a restaurant of his own has been his ambition since he began his career. When the opportunity to attain his goal presented itself, Michael took it as something of a sign. "When the space became available on the market -- i jumped on it!" Michael selected Lavu for his business management software and iPad point of sale system. Ease of use and the ability to speed up order processing were a few requirements. "The backend is so much more user friendly than systems I've used in the past; it has saved us a lot of time. It has also been very easy to train staff to use POS Lavu. They can even program menus on the backend." Hiring a Lavu Distributor proved beneficial and cost-effective for Cafe Mio when setting up their system. "iPro Digital helped us with setting up the menu and with training, making this a smooth transition from our old POS system to POS Lavu."
  15. “We were tired of corporate America,†says Todd when asked why he first opened NoDa Brewing Company his wife Suzie. “We developed a personality with our varying styles of beer and the characters that we would hire. Our beer matches our people.†NoDa Brewing takes its name from the NoDa neighborhood located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Previously an old mill town, the area has been revitalized and turned into an arts district, complete with art galleries and frequent gallery “crawls.†The brewing company has a 15 barrel brew house and creates premium beers for local restaurants and pubs. They also have a tap room where patrons can sample and choose favorites from a variety of classic beers as well as more unique, “artistic†recipes. Since they were serving in a tap room rather than a restaurant setting, NoDa needed a point of sale solution that could handle basic bar requirements, such as being able to keep multiple customer tabs open. Todd considered Lavu iPad point of sale because it met these needs, and would improve time management at NoDa as well. The integrated employee time cards and other business management tools included with the Lavu system were enough to convince him. “Reports, reports, reports,†Todd said. “Data is everything in making our entire company more efficient.†NoDa chose to set up their Lavu iPad POS terminals in pairs: two iPad minis both with Heckler stands, two cash drawers, and two printers. They also use a pair of iPhones for management, and Time Capsule for network and storage purposes. Todd and Susie worked with Lavu specialist Table Talk Tech for consultation and installation at NoDa. Of that experience, Todd said, “Their customer service is the best we've ever worked with, bar none. Highly recommend their services to others in the industry.†When in Charlotte, plan to swing by NoDa and try a few specialty beers. Keep an eye out for some of the “characters†Todd was mentioning, and take a chance on one of their specialty beers that you have never tried. You just might find a new favorite.