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  1. Bar Code Scanners/Inventory

    Thanks locomotion. I spoke with zephyr--the linea pro for iPod touch can do it, but that won't work in this situation. Blue tooth scanners can work with other iOS App based systems. The thing is, most of the larger resorts and restaurants in my region use Micros and Aloha, which does have this feature. I guess I should put in a feature request and hope.
  2. Bar Code Scanners/Inventory

    this is in regards to a quick serve environment. Customers may select from a number of packaged beverages as they approach the register. Is there a bar code scanner that can quickly scan items and add them to the ticket?
  3. Credit Card Swipers

    Has Vault released an iPad Air enclosure? Are they any closer to releasing a flippy model?
  4. Credit Card Swipers

    Hi Robert, Any updates re the new location? Is the configuration still performing?
  5. Credit Card Swipers

    Thanks for getting back to me Robert; I hope all goes well with your install. One more question about the Vault: does it flip? Some iPad stands flip so that if someone is standing opposite from an operator the iPad can be tilted towards that person and the screen will reorient so that it can be viewed right side up.
  6. Credit Card Swipers

    Clearing Cache/Hard Reset is good regular preventative maintenance for anyone using an iOS device. Should be done periodically. I'm also going to investigate the Vault Enclosure iPad POS Stand with Vertiswipe; does anyone out there have experience with this apparatus?
  7. Credit Card Swipers

    Hiya folks. I'm a fairly new distributor with experience with other iOS/cloud based POS systems for retailers. We only use the uDynamo/Magtek solution because of cardholder data security. Magtek is the only provider that encrypts and tokenizes--to 256 bits--on the swipe device. A developer friend and I experimented with another popular swipe device on a new iOS device. After running three credit cards we found that we could access all cardholder data. We tried it with a hairstylist's smartphone and found that we could access cardholder data for every card she had ever swiped. If the wrong person stole her phone/accessed the data it would ruin her financially. Her payment solution claimed that they encrypt, but this doesn't happen until the transaction is submitted, This is why I only use Magtek. The problem referred to above--non response when swiping--happens on other systems as well and I just got a call from a restaurant manager who was having the same non-response from his reader. I spoke with David at LAVU support. He gave me the following fix: If card reader doesn't respond switch back to order screen Switch back to check-out screen and swipe quickly. According to David this fixes the problem. Prior to attempting the above procedure I tried something that has worked with other iOS pos systems: >Exit LAVU app >Clear cache (tap home button twice, row of running apps appears; hold one app until red minus sign appears; tap minus sign on all icons) >tap home button >perform hard reset. (Hold on/off switch and home button simultaneously until silver apple appears, then release both buttons. >After apple disappears go to LAVU app. I performed the latter procedure first and uDynamo functionality returned. I first learned about this process from Magtek tech support. Most merchants noticed snappier performance after they perform the Clear Cache/Hard Reset. This is why I recommend this procedure to everyone who uses iOS devices in conjunction with their business.
  8. Server summary with math done

    I was shocked to see that there was no accounting for payouts and pay-ins on either the X or the Z reports. At the end of the night the owner/manager of a bar/restaurant wants to see how much money was taken in and then they want to make sure that the banks are right. Every "terminal" with a cash drawer should be accounted for. The starting cash should be entered, cash sales should be added, payouts should be subtracted and pay-ins added. (Servers cc tips are payouts.) I can live with doing the math on the server reports--but not having ALL of the factors needed to know what should be in the bank is just plain wrong. That a cashier doesn't have that info in the X and Z report is unsatisfactory. The cashier should be able to do a final count in front of the manager and have all of the info on the tape needed to verify that his/her drawer is correct. Are the payouts/pay-ins in the back office? Not good enough. Do I want to give my cashier access to my back office? I can't believe this is being discussed as a customizable report--this is basic stuff. Please make this a priority. I am going to make up a form for that will include places to put data necessary to show the drawer is on. Does anyone have a form already made up?