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  1. Hi all - we're deploying our first KDS Pro soon and am hoping to get some best practices regarding monitors and mounting hardware. We purchased the bundle from Zephyr, but the screen doesn't appear to have any way to mount it - just a plastic base with no holes and no apparent mounting bracket holes. Anyone have a monitor they use and/or mounting hardware that has been workable? In this case the monitors will be on a shelf. Thanks! Joel
  2. I saw a couple posts on this, but nothing is working for me. We have legacy Epsons that I would like to keep. I have the Command set to Epson (have also tried Epson2) Following settings for the printer: Characters Per Line: 40 Characters Per Line (large font): 42 Line Spacing: 0 I also tried larger line spacing. None of these items had any effect on the printing size or spacing no matter what I tried. Anybody out there that can help? Thanks!