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  1. Inventory

    Lavu has some inventory features but you can also use Quickbooks and their recently acquired company lettuce, together you will have the full accounting, management and inventory you need
  2. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Now that Lettuce which is a very good inventory app is being acquired by Intuit (AKA Quickbooks). I seems a more interesting fit to have LAVU integrated with these online apps. What do you think guys, does it makes sense to you or not?
  3. Which receipt printer is best?

    is this still the same? are these the ONLY officically supported printers? i'm wondering if STAR TSP650 is also officially supported
  4. VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile e335 has NFC, EMV, magswipe, barcode scanner and many features we would like to employ at some point, also locally the CC procesors are only Banks (in Panama), and they tend to like verifone snd some traditional magswipe countertop terminals, but they now have all to change in the next 6 months to also support EMV because all the bank cards have to be chip cards. This model seems to have everything we would like to have on a Lavu terminal, so I was wondering if there will someway this one can be included in the next update.
  5. you can bet it could be the most important feature requested at the momento...followed by improvements to track costs, labor and inventory. It seems they have been working on this for a while now...I am happy to know that soon it will be there.
  6. Sales, cost of goods, and labor, where are we?

    nothing on this?? should this mean nothing needs improvement?
  7. Quickbooks Online Integration

    i will open a new Delicatessen franchise in 3 weeks...i would love to have this integration :(
  8. EMV Chip and Pin Solution?

    can anyone recommend a good tested with lavu card reader for new ipads that is compatible with EMV CHIP? I have seen many for Magswipe, but the magnetic solution is 45 years old technology and it is not secure, even with the highest efforts and in some countries the EMV chip solution is being implemented to add one more layer of security. perhaps the coming Magtek DynaPro Mini will become our holy grail?
  9. There are some interesting features i have seen being requested all around, and even some of them mentioned to be in the roadmap already. My question is, to everyone: where are we when talking about Sales, cost of goods, and labor? what do you think is missing on Lavu and how often would you use it? also, some info on your particular setup or store type will be good to understand your needs. Consider the latest Lavu version out there.
  10. Inventory

    any updates on the inventory system? roadmap of some features at least? knowing it is already in the process of implementation is good enough
  11. Ipad Air

    zinque, as mentioned and to be more clear, even if nothing is done to the software, it should run better in terms of wifi connection and processing because of the better hardware. Remember also the LLS could have improvements now that Mavericks is out and some changes are due. I will be installing a tottally new setup before december (for a Deli) so i'll post thoughts. Hope the software runs some improvements in the future now that there is 64bit processing is out too.
  12. A Full Featured iPad POS Solution... Finally!

    do we really need FIDO now?, i think we already have a very good base inside Lavu. Question is, what is that that FIDO has that Lavu doenst and is really really needed?
  13. Reservations Manager

    ok, then not opentable, but a very good reserve system...i like were all this is going
  14. feature request importance poll

    some people say Quickbooks integration is a must, i agree.
  15. Quickbooks Online Integration

    +1 on quickbooks integration