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  1. Designing receipt template

    Hi! I am not 100% sure what you mean by "design (your) own receipt", but you can modify your receipt appearances in Basic Location Settings and Company Settings in the Control Panel. In Basic Location Settings, you can change what company information prints on your receipts. Each of the text fields are open, so you can enter whatever you like (or nothing at all). For more information about Basic Location Settings, click here. You can also add your company logo to your customer receipts by adding it to Company Settings. Click here for more information about adding your company logo. Please note, you need to have "Include company logo on receipts" enabled in the Printers / KDS section of the Control Panel. Always remember to Reload Settings in the Lavu App on all devices running Lavu in order for the changes to take effect. Let us know if you have more questions!
  2. Hello! Thank you for your question this morning. Lavu does not currently have a means of presenting a thousand's separator on the item price. However, I have submitted this to our Product Team for further exploration and potential implementation in the future. This is logged as FR7546. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
  3. Servers Down

    Hello Everyone, We have been working on the issues our customers have been experiencing. Most, is not all, locations should be back up and running at this time. There was an issue with one of our three primary servers resulting in a loss of connection; we have successfully moved everyone off of that server to one of the other two. We are working to expedite necessary changes to prevent these types of issues in the future. I am closing this thread at this time, an official statement will be posted in the Control Panel shortly. Thank you.
  4. IOS 8 problems

    Hello Ruben, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. For the best resolution time, please send an email to so that our Support Team may perform some troubleshooting and get the issue over to development. We continue to discourage people from updating to iOS 8 simply because of the number of issues with the iOS itself. There is not a way to rollback the iOS on a device, but if you have other devices not on iOS 8 then it would be beneficial for you to use those devices instead. Regardless, Support will likely be able to help you with this and, if not, our development team can explore what is happening and ensure there is a fix in an upcoming app update. Thank you.
  5. Paid In/Out on server summary

    Hey Hunter, Thank you for the request, i have gone ahead and put in the feature request to our development team.
  6. Berg Liqour Control Integration

    Hello Mikem, We here at Lavu are always interested to read about other products potential and current customers use. However, despite Berg Liquor Control System appearing to be a good addition to a future Lavu version, it is not currently something that can be worked into our development pipeline. I thank you for bringing them to our attention. Thank you.
  7. Hi Fredo, To be honest, I don't think this is currently in the pipeline; however I will add your recommendations as feature requests to our development team. There is no guarantee these functions will be picked up, but I will see what I can do. Thank you!
  8. iOS 8

    Hi Zinque, We have not received any reports of issues with iOS 8 as of yet; however, we still caution people against updating given the current stability of iOS 7.1.2 and Lavu version 2.3.11. If you find yourself needing to update to iOS 8, we recommend that you only update one device to start. After a couple of days of use and testing it would then be feasible to update more devices. I feel we all would be happy to hear real-world evaluations of iOS 8 and 2.3.11 so please share here in the forums! Thank you!
  9. Tax included help

    Hello mlarson, Thank you for your question! Are you using the latest version of the Lavu App (2.3.10, available now in the App Store)? If so, please do the following to eliminate your customer's confusion: In your Control Panel, navigate to Settings > Advanced Location Settings Scroll down to the Accounting Settings section Enable "Hide 'no tax' line when no tax applies to order (2.3.10+) Select "Always" from the "Display included tax breakdown on receipts" drop-down menu Click Submit at the bottom of the page Reload Settings on all devices The above process will result in your receipts having the tax breakdown without having the "Tax: 0.00" line. Could you please expand on what your reporting needs are? I am not completely grasping what you need in that regard. Thanks!
  10. Hello JC, I feel that it would be best if you emailed for assistance in this matter; we do not want to discuss account specific issues like this for privacy reasons. However, our support staff is fully capable of handling this type of question. Thanks!
  11. Hello Pilars! This is a valuable suggestion; as such, I have submitted a feature request to our development department to see about getting this added to a future version of Lavu (no guarantees, but I will do what I can to make this happen). In the meantime, I feel it would be prudent for your bartenders to tap the Open Orders button near the top right corner of the screen in the Lavu app if they know that an order was not cashed out right away. All open orders, regardless of their interface origin, will show up in this list. Please feel free to share any other recommendations you have to improve the Lavu system. Thank you!
  12. Infinea Tab from Mercury

    Mobile Business Solutions, Thank you for sharing this valuable information! We all look forward to any further information you obtain!
  13. New Scheduling Feature w/ 2.1

    Hi RBuzb, At the moment the system does not calculate the total projected hours a person will work. However, I have submitted a Feature Request in your name to push the issue to our development staff. Please feel free to share any other suggestions you may have! Thank you.
  14. Assigning an Menu Item Number

    Hi! locomotion - Your recommendations are outstanding! I particularly like the idea of using an image of the dish with a number in a contrasting color. The Icon Maker will also work. Furthermore, as long as you display the Menu Item Name you can simply insert the number at the beginning of the name for easy recognition. For more information about the Menu Icon Generator follow the link below: Thank you!
  15. Customers emails

    Hi Zinque! To download the email addresses entered at checkout please navigate to Reports > Special > Receipt Emails. From here you can export the list of email addresses in .txt, .xls, and .csv formats. Please let us know if you need any other help with this task. Thanks!