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  1. Items Disappearing off Orders

    Another issue I'm worried about now is that in the case of an outage; if we are adding items from multiple iPads to a single tab, when the cloud come back online, will the cloud be able to take all the updates from several different iPads and combine them into that single tab efficiently?
  2. Items Disappearing off Orders

    We've had issues of items disappearing off tabs/tables using 3.0. This happens when a server opens a tab/table on an ipad before it has a chance to communicate to the cloud to see whether there has been an update to that order. Whatever was put on the tab/table by the previous server becomes lost somewhere and the items added by the current server are saved to the table/tab. When the previous servers ipad updates itself all his items are erased and only show the items added by the server who just inputed entries are shown/saved. This is a problem for us because at times we have large corporate groups that come in and open a single tab for groups upwards of a 100 people. We have four bartending wells that each have their own iPad and people are ordering at each station adding drinks/food to that single tab. You still can't open a single tab/table on multiple ipads. But the problem arises if orders are being pulled up before that 10 second window to get an update from the cloud. I don't know if there is a way to program into Lavu that if a tab/table is accessed it pings the server to see if there has been any changes made to the tab/table and then update the order accordingly. Or program it so that if an order has been accessed recently it won't allow it to be open on another iPad for 10 seconds until it has had a chance to update it's information. The best would be if the cloud could handle two simultaneous updates and combine them eventually. Sorry for being long winded, but it's very hard to describe these issues in writing!
  3. Lavu 3.0 problems

    We've had multiple items drop off tabs as well. I think the 10 second refresh may not be frequent enough. If someone accesses the tab before the 10 second refresh, anything added by the previous server/cashier gets lost. Is there a timetable where any of these issues will be addressed? Tip entering has been such a hassle this past week with the Old V1 reports sorting by time and not order-id
  4. Lavu 3.0 problems

    I've had similar issues pertaining to cash sales at the end of the day. This only applies to version 1 reports. What I've noticed is that on Version 2 reports however the cash sales are correct. There seems to be a lot of discrpencies that arise between version 1 and version 2 reports. We're still heavily dependent on Version 1 reports for credit card entering and closing, but it seems like they were neglected in the 3.0 update.
  5. Yeah new reports are fine, it's the old reports which are the issue. We can't enter in credit card tips on the new reports so it's not very helpful for us. It's the old reports which need to be addressed.
  6. Strange Behaviors Today

    We've had similar issues that you have had as well Roosterchef. - Had the issue with a successful credit card authorization but kept the order open. It also gave us a payment shortage at the end of the day as well. - The ASCII sort is a real pain. We usually input tips on the back end sorting by order number. With the way it sorts now it's impossible to get them to line up in a way that's simple. We have to individually search for each order number and then input the tip amount. On a night where we have several hundred tickets this isn't efficient at all. It sorts by time alright, but the issue there is that on the credit card slip it shows the time closed, and on the backend it shows the time opened. I agree there are A LOT of issues going on with this update. While I love the speed, it seems there are a lot of loose holes to take care of. I'm switching back to LAVU Retro which I'm not happy about. We run a high volume bar and the slowness of the old LAVU kills us. Hoping for a resolution on these items sooner than later.
  7. It seems like the number order system has changed with the update. I'll Have some orders with 102X-XX. Some orders are 1022-1 and some are 1025-34. When I try to sort them by ORDER-ID it's always sorted by time opened. Makes it a nightmare and a headache to input tips on a busy night. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. POS Lavu 3.0 Release Date?

    The update looks great so far. Is there going to be a more in depth press release talking about the major overhauls and new functionality then what's posted in the AppStore?
  9. I've seen a couple YouTube and Facebook videos mentioning new functionality in 3.0. Seems like we've been waiting a while for this update. Do you guys have an ETA of the release date? Having a lot of issues with LAVU lately and hope the big update will resolve many of the issues/bugs we are having.
  10. Servers down?

    hopefully sooner than later. we're in a bad spot as well. thousands of dollars at stake. in the meantime there is this link to keep an eye on the status of the cloud:
  11. Servers down?

    same issue for us. why does this always have to happen on a busy friday night. we had issues last week as well. i'm seriously debating switching to micros for my two establishments. this is ridiculous
  12. Hey Guys, I'm a big fan of lavu and have used it at previous businesses. I recently opened up a high volume bar and have been getting complaints from my bartenders that rings are taking too long. I am currently using an iPad2 updated to the latest firmware. I've also done hard resets as well as rebooted the router and modems before service each night in hopes of speeding up service. My internet connection is also solid as well as having pretty much full network strength. My question to you guys is getting an iPad4 going to speed things up dramatically? Right now check out times take about 5 seconds. Ideally I'd want this to be 1-2 seconds. It adds a lot of stress in a fast paced environment. Thank you for your input on this matter!
  13. hi all, i'm new to the forum here and am glad to see that a forum was created for Lavu users. I was hoping to find one on their webpage but after some web browsing i found myself here. shout out to the creator of this forum, i'm sure it'll be a great resource for us if we decide to go with POS Lavu. my question to you current users is what type and how much data do you get from the reports that our generated. on the POS Lavu features page on their website they list one of their main components of the software as "Inventory Management". Would I be able to track inventory of my sausages and bottled beers with this program? I also read on the foodservice forum about a user having trouble generating "best sellers data" that would crash their entire system when they would try to use the software to track what items were selling best in the last 30 days. ideally we'd want our software to be able to let us know which beers and sausages are selling best with appropriate data. sorry for the lengthy message but any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks! -dan