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  1. daprice89, sorry for not responding to your post. Life and my day job have gotten in the way... I am happy to supply the source code for it. It is definitely home-brew but functional, and provided as-is without warranty. You just need to have a Windows PC running on the same network as the printers and internet connection. It is something that I put together quickly so it could use some work in the print formatting. It was written for a Star impact printer installed on the computer as a network printer. Could be better if you used the Star API, but it works. We also had some issues with Lavu ToGo about a month ago where there was an issue when the customer went to check out. They weren't sure if the order was placed and the order never would show up in the POSLavu application and since the transaction wasn't complete, we were never notified of it. Caused for some upset customers. What I found was happening was the the order was being placed into the Lavu database, but given a voided code. So I modified the software to see if there were any voided orders that weren't closed and if so, unvoid them and print to the kitchen to call the customer to find out if they want the order. I also made it so it will email the customer and let them know that we received the order but had issues with the payment and to please contact us. Anyway, I am happy to provide source code that you would have to modify for your location and I can give you the instructions for how to install it and run it in the background as a service. Cheers, Kurt SloCo Pasty Co.
  2. Thanks Rafael. Also a customer pointed out that prices of modifiers are showing up in LavuToGo even though we have our backend set to not display forced modifier prices. The prices do not appear in the app, but they do in LavuToGo. Is there a way to not have the forced modifier prices show, it is confusing to the customer. Thanks again, Kurt
  3. Hi, Is there a way to use the Happy Hours in Lavu ToGo? We use happy hours for items available only during certain times of the day (e.g. lunch specials). Unfortunately, if we make these items visible in Lavu ToGo, they seem to always be available. Is there a way to make Lavu ToGo recognize happy hour restrictions on items? Thanks, Kurt
  4. HI Jeff, We just started using Lavu ToGo in the last few weeks and so far it has worked fairly well. For us one of the big issues to overcome was notifying a busy restaurant that an order has come in. Having notices sent to a single cell phone or email address didn't really work for us. We really wanted to avoid having someone place an order, have it missed and then have a customer show up without the order being ready. The fear of that made it not worth adopting for us. However, we make extensive use of the API for an inventory control system to know how much product we have on hand and to set daily par levels for prep. So we wrote a simple service application using the API that polls open orders for ones with a server name of "Lavu ToGo" and will print it to the kitchen impact printer with the order details and pickup time. Then, if the order is placed a long time in advance of pick up, a reminder ticket is printed 20 minutes before pickup. So far (knock on wood) we haven't had any lost orders. The application runs as a service in the background on a computer at the restaurant. It sounds like this functionality may be available with the local print queue that is in development. Payment has to be made a the time of order as far as we can see, which is also a must have from our perspective. So far feed back from the customers has been very positive for Lavu ToGo. We'll have to see if it has an impact on our business...
  5. Hi, does anyone know how to add menu item descriptions to Lavu ToGo? It would really help our customers who aren't familiar with our menu know what they are ordering. Thanks