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  1. Why is Support so slow at the moment? For sure you no longer have 24/7 as for last few days my tickets are hardly being answered... I even called, no answer. We are 9 hrs ahead of NM but have never had issues getting email support, usually very promptly This time its been very frustrating. I have urgent LLS upgrade work and its like Lavu are either understaffed or something else.... And Lavu never sends any kind of email to its customers re new features/enhancements/company news/roadmaps - NOTHING a routing extension thing, we have to find out about it randomly. You get a new CEO, we find out randomly Communications should be drastically improved
  2. Inventory

    so.... that above is stated on the Lavu Blog but this is not how the current Lavu inventory is..??
  3. many issues after upgrade to 3.0.3

    all our iPads are draining very fast and our staff are compaining sync issues or whatever it is that causes items to disappear off the bill, still exist
  4. iPad Airs and iPad Mini Retina

    isnt it more of an issue of power? The ipad Minis have less power than the Air, so may struggle with the software....
  5. which should be bought for waitstaff? Is there an issue with using the Minis? Any advice?
  6. Customers management

    cool, am sure it will get fixed. We are now quite reliant on this feature so need it to work (and future improvements) But I was just curious how comes nobody else has experienced the issue, thats all
  7. Customers management

    I also get these code pop-ups upon pressing submit after entering a new customer
  8. Customers management

    Hi David, support have been working hard on the issue for me for some weeks.... I think 2.3.5 incorporated some fixes for it, but then led to the current issue I am having (namely, you can't select any customer). Previously on 2.3.4 I had some major issues where the app would just exit if an order had a customer in it. Also, support have never asked me what iOS version I have. They updated my LLS though, prior to 2.3.5, however the current issue has since cropped up and installing 2.3.5 did not fix it. I am on iOS 10 something
  9. ok thanks, will ask. As of 3 wks ago, support said it was still in development for LLS customers. On another note, how does that feature work..... if you select several toppings, it superimposes the images?
  10. Rafael, that argument looks different from the client's perspective. What we see is feature(s) released but which don't apply to everyone. Cloud customers have it, LLS customers don't. BUT - LLS customers still pay more for this privilege. I would prefer, and am sure other customers will agree, that if you release a new feature, release it for everyone, or don't release it until it's possible to release for all groups thanks
  11. Before you guys roll out any additional features, you need to get L2G working for LLS customers; you need to get Pizza Creator etc etc working for us. Also Customer Mgt feature has issues I see you have new reporting etc about to come but would really wish you focussed on the web ordering side
  12. Customers management

    this feature not working for me and have tickets open. Cant understand though why it's not being reported by others - basically you can't select an existing customer thats already in the DB. So if customer calls and you search for them and find them, you cannot now select them. Additionally, you cant edit existing customers. Also, there is no history - it simply does not work. The Delivery thing in the Management also does not work am on 2.3.5
  13. Inventory

    zinque your post of 28 Oct is great but I cant see any amendments to Lavu inventory addressing all that. It's a shame, cos what you've outlined is exactly how it should work.
  14. Pizza Module

    Anyone tried this? They've released only for non-LLS customers first.. not sure why they can't release a product for all their customers simultaneously. Without LLS, it's difficult to use Lavu unless you had a strong reliable connection? The YouTube video only shows back end
  15. KDS Pro issues

    first of all, you can't set it up without help from Support because it requires Local Print Queue We've seen the following: changing the template doesnt seem to work - if you select one of the many layout options, it doesnt actually change to it. If KDS Pro is dependent on your monitor having certain resolutions, there is zero info on it modifiers do not show in red there is no option to change the preset alert times, eg the colour of a icket changes to red after 6 minutes. Where do you control this? there is no option to change the actual ticket time, i.e. the ticket time shows GMT - no option to change to your timezone how do you change the font?