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  1. Would there be a way to add an ability to transfer an order to a different server, through the backend instead of just the iPads? I'm not always at the restaurant 100% of the time, and sometimes my staff who have the ability to do this are way too busy, and the restaurant calls me in a panic,, so an option to do this remotely would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Having 100% up time is really not a hard thing to ask for, regarding something as critical as credit card processing,,,, at our other location (that isn't a restaurant), I can't think of a time EVER where our our four FD100 terminals failed to process a card due to processor error (I also don't have Mercury there) My imprinter at that location is still brand new and wrapped in the package....
  3. We lost all ability to process CC's on Mercury tonight at 7:50pm Eastern,, couldn't swipe and couldn't do manual entry via hosted checkout. Called support,, waited on hold for 5 minutes,,, then gave up, since we had 8+ tickets outstanding that needed to be paid with CC.. Ended up pulling out the imprinter, and doing voice auth's for all of em... Definitely not happy right now, but glad we weren't the only ones. (we are on LLS)
  4. toGO Pricing

    I don't have the option anymore since i'm on an LLS,,, but if memory serves,,, go to menu, click on "Category Details" and then change the "Show in LavuToGo" option to no
  5. Opening Day

    (Finally) had our opening day tonight and I gotta say,, the Lavu system pretty much performed flawlessly,, I switched out the iDynamo's to the U's, and we had no hangups at all. 8 iPods and 4 iPads on an LLS had no issues,, and our tickets were pretty much being sent to the kitchen instantly all night,, 327 guests with 141 tickets. I just want to ask,, I spent an hour trying to balance our cashier window drawer and could not get it straight,,, does anyone have tips on closing procedures with Lavu?
  6. Hey all, Has anyone had an issue with the extreme overheating? We have 8 iPods, 4 iPads, two AP expresses as signal boosters, and three expresses for receipt printers, then three hard wired kitchen printers all connected to the extreme. We had one completely fry before we were even opened, and today I noticed that it it started dropping the connection again until it was rebooted. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Can we have a forced modifier added at some point that asks for a guest's birthday and automatically checks that they are over 21,, and then prints something on the kitchen tickets saying "ID Checked-OK" or something? Right now I have a two option forced modifier pop up that if the server hits no, it just loops back to the forced modifier so that they can't add the item, and hitting yes will get it printed,, however hitting yes also prints a bunch of unwanted stuff on the ticket, that I need to have to show on the FM screen. Thanks!
  8. Employee Theft

    As far as the "Open Register" issue,, you can change the access level so that only admins can use that button by changing the Access level required to open cash drawer: setting under advanced location settings
  9. Hey, Is there any way to restrict a server from submitting an order until they punch in? Thanks! Dan
  10. Managing public wifi

    If you have a bit of technical know how,,, buy a cheap refurbished Cisco router off of Amazon for the guest network and install DD-WRT on it,,, it allows you to schedule whatever way you want to. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Access_Restrictions
  11. i'm impressed at how fast this was fixed. Thanks guys!
  12. Great job on the new GUI for the backend,,, but,,, on the modify clock punches screen,, the black background on black text has gotta go!!! Please!