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  1. Table Layout

    I've always struggled with having the table layout in the CP look identical to the room on the iPad. I'm aware that it has to do with the different screen sizes, but it would be great if the backoffice would mirror the dimensions of the iPad so that you can get an accurate idea of how it will appear in the POS.
  2. Slow Epson TM-T88V Printer

    Hi Tim, In regards to designating which terminal prints to which register, you would simply tap on Lavu in the upper left hand corner of the app and then select 'Register Functions' and then you can choose which printer (based on how you have it named in the back office) is tied to which register. Best, Shawn
  3. Problem with Deposit

    Hi Jean, Easy fix. In the back office, you would select the individual item details and then you'll see a field called 'Allow Deposit'. Choose no from the drop down and then reload your settings. That will remove the deposit option altogether. Attached is screenshot. Best, Shawn
  4. Multiple Optional Modifiers

    Hello, We've had numerous requests for having the ability to associate multiple optional modifiers to items. Attached is a screenshot of an idea of how it could possibly look. The ability to transfer/copy, in the backend, forced mods to optional and optional mods to forced would also be really helpful. Thanks, Shawn
  5. Mobile payment - Opentable

    As of now, iPads do not support NFC. Even if Lavu wanted to integrate, Apple would need to release a new iPad that supports the technology.
  6. Post Date a Catering Order

    Hello, I have a client who does catering. He would like to place an order in Lavu that will be post-dated for x days out. In theory, that order would not be showing in his sales reports until the day that it gets fulfilled. Thanks, Shawn
  7. Payment Gateway Question

    Hi Pablo, Dharma Merchant Services uses First Data's platform. I can confirm that First Data can work with the TGate gateway as that is how we setup our Lavu accounts . Thanks, Shawn
  8. "Training Mode"

    Hi, Is there an update on this? A training mode would be a great feature.
  9. I would like the pizza mod to have a setting that can be enabled to bill for the most expensive toppings regardless if they cover the entire pizza or not. Example: A Meat Lovers pizza costs $25.00 and a Hawaiian pizza costs $22.00. If I want half Meat Lovers and half Hawaiian it will still charge for a whole Meat Lovers.
  10. Video Tutorial Suggestions

    Hi Rafael, An end-of-day video would be great for users not going through Mercury. We primarily set clients up with USA ePay. Thanks, Shawn