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  1. Is anyone having luck with credit card readers that are compatible with Heartland processing... we have tried multiple readers with no success... currently inputting cards by hand
  2. Lavu to go

    Love the feature, customers are really starting to take advantage, but: the text notification does not work the "Lavu To Go" tab just shows up on the screen... if bartender is busy and misses sending to the kitchen, customer arrives angry and frustrated... the tab needs to show up in a different color like red, or there needs to be a dialog box show up that forces the bartender/server to send the order before they can do anything else on the screen Also, I thought the timing option allowed us to increase the wait time when busy, it does not appear to be showing up on the customers end
  3. Love the new HH feature but... In PA we are allowed to offer more than one HH per day... Currently this feature only allows one HH per day... Also, my bar offers different specials on domestics, craft beers, and liquor... Again, currently the feature disallows different specials...