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  1. EMV standards and Lavu integration

    Rafael you hit it on the head! We have been specialists for some time and have been in the credit card processing business for 17 + years. Someone is always willing to yell the sky is falling if it means a chance to get your account or to sell you something. The reality is exactly what Rafael stated. It is only a shift in liability. If you have a great many chargebacks now from stolen cards then it is worth looking into the added expense and headache. To make an intelligent you need to weigh out what your costs would be to reduce your losses. If your losses do not offset the investment for new hardware then their is not pressing reason to make the change. All plastic cards for some time to come will have magnetic strips on them. Although cards with chips are being issued there are not cards being issued as chip only. This means all existing hardware will work for some time to come. This is a liability shift, not a mandate nor a law. Many shady sales people are hyping this up to try to get a sale.
  2. I have never used this printer. I did hear from another specialist that he was not thrilled with the performance. If you have been using the Idynamo without using a valut enclosure from the beginging you most likely have damaged the port on the iPad that you have the card reader plugged into. I have had good results with the idynamo 5 inside a Valut enclosure but only if the iPad has not been damaged by using other enclosures. You may not see it but the port can get dammaged from the card reader due to in effective enclosures. Valut has only being creating enclosures for a couple of years but they built a excellent device that keeps the port from getting damaged from pressure. Don't know if that helps. If you want more info feel free to message me.
  3. Infinea Tab from Mercury

    If these are brand new iPads then you may be correct. If these are existing iPads that you have used other card readers with you may have damaged ports on the iPads.
  4. Infinea Tab from Mercury

    They are much more stable then the iDynamos. If you look at the what extra fees your incure, not from the processor,Mercury, but the card issuing bank when you are forced to hand key due to failing card readers you will offset the cost in no time. If your iDynamos are not failing then stay with them.
  5. Problem with Gift Cards

    I am not sure it's a Lavu problem at all. I use Mercury gift cards for most of my customers. I have complaints lately from customers just getting enrolled with gift cards. They are saying they have to hand key numbers when customers that have been using gift cards for some time, running the same versions are not having problems. I have not talked to Mercury about this but I do think there is a problem with the micr encryption on the back of the cards. You can not read that encryption using Lavu as lave credit card readers are encrypted. I would challenge Mercury to check in to the production of their gift cards. Even a change in plastic card material can affect how cards are read. Mercury has gift card specialist. I would call them.
  6. Credit Card Swipers

    -If anybody is interested in purchasing the vault enclosures I do have stock on hand. Please contact my office directly at 704-523-6244 eastern time. Or send an email to and we can get you some out right away. They are great for the mini's or the regular iPads
  7. Credit Card Swipers

    Hi Steve, Happy to sell you cases & card readers. I am out of the office today but you can call my office & talk to Eddie. He can help you with what ever you need. 1-800-234-7166.
  8. Items disappearing from order

    Have you looked at the settings in your iPads that have been updated? When a new iOS is downloaded settings generally go back to some default setting. We use a mobile card reader for a payment app on our iPhones. The reader uses the ear bud port. When we updated our phones to the new iOS it turned off the function to the ear bud reader. Check your settings to see if something there can turn back on the ear bud back on. Make sure the volume settings are set at maximum volume. From what I hear you have to some how give permission for the Lavu app to access your settings. Look under privacy settings as well as general settings.
  9. Items disappearing from order

    Have you checked to make sure every device has been updated properly? If by chance some devices are running a different iOS or different version of Lavu you can have all sorts of issues like this. In the admin portal under settings , devices you can see what iOS & what Lavu version each device is running. Any time there are mismatches between devices no matter what software you use you will have issues. Just a thought.
  10. Credit Card Swipers

    We just added Vault enclosures to our hardware choices. I am telling all my customers to use switch to them. We are selling them as well. If you need any feel free to contact me at 704-523-6244 and we can ship them right away as well. The only thing that may be an issue, and it is not with the enclosure, but over time with the old enclosures that are out there the port on the iPad or the the other devices may have been damaged as well as the connection from the card reader may have been damaged over time. The old enclosures are designed in a way that puts pressure on the card reader and the IOS port. Vault built a better mouse trap! It really does solve the problem.
  11. No you can not send one of 4 splits to a new table. When you merge in the checkout screen it takes every ticket for the 4 top and merges it with what ever table or tab you want.
  12. Can anyone tell me if Lavu kvs allows for a summery of all items in the queue? I have a customer considering KDS and wants not only to see all individual orders but a summary of how many burgers, how may chicken sandwiches, how many Cesar sales etc by item total are in the queue.