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  1. Hi! Appreciate any comments the forum can offer us! Before we launch into using POSLAVU fully, I have the system set up so the staff can play with it and get to know the features. We have have been keeping a list of questions that we could use answers for from seasoned users if they care to assist us. 1) No Sale - is the first question we had as the cash drawer we purchased does not even have a trigger to open in case of a power outage (bought the one recommended). If we need to get in - how do we do so? 2) Icons for Menu Items - Nice we can add pics to them BUT that is tedious and time consuming to add one to every menu item. I note that it uses the first 4 letters of the description in place of no image (bad) - but prints the item fully on the receipt (good). On a IPad screen in a hurry the hunting an pecking will take some time to get used to but it would be nice to make those elements more recognizable. Could use some suggestions 3) Till In and Out - Is it possible to till in and out via the back end? If not, can the Ipad be brought home (trust me we are a small business) tilled out and reset for the next day? (MY husband IS NOT tech friendly). Thanks for offering direction and sharing info with us! We look forward to being an active participant in this forum! Andrea Lea Parrish The Little Crane Cafe Necedah, WI