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  1. To Go:

    Is there a way to have the system automatically waive delivery charges if the overall ticket price meets a minimum?
  2. Bar and Nightclub help

    Thanks drew. I assume you found the Local Server (LLS) to be unhelpful in the lag time?
  3. Bar and Nightclub help

    NM on the happy hour.
  4. Bar and Nightclub help

    Anyone have experience with a large (8 stations, 8-10 mobile devices) in a bar/nightclub environment? I am mostly worried about the efficacy of the card swipers since the u/iDynamo devices dont stay seated well AND the infinea tabs are not supported. Also I may just be missing it but can they also take a credit card from a customer and use that to open a tab that the customer can close at any station? Happy hour pricing options? Thanks in advance
  5. Country Club?

    Has anyone had experience with private clubs? Im wondering how best to handle transactions when they do not end in actual payment and go on to members accounts to be billed monthly. Any help is appreciated.