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  1. toGO Pricing

    Hi David, Has the promo code feature been implemented in Lavu ToGo? Our organization is still holding off on upgrading our Lavu license for this feature. Thanks, Dan
  2. toGO Pricing

    David, Is there anyway to put in a feature request for the implementation of promo codes. I think this would resolve my issue and other Lavu users could find this feature useful. Dan
  3. toGO Pricing

    Thanks for the responses. We would like to offer both the public and our employees to order online at their respective prices. It sounds like this option will one limit group of people.
  4. For our organization, we have a company owned cafe that is open to the public as well. We have a different pricing scheme for employees vs. the public. I am trying to figure out how to limit the public from ordering the company reduced pricing online. Any suggestions? I think a nice feature for Lavu toGO would be to add a promo code that we could configure to give either a % or x amount of dollars off the total order. My other suggestion that has been addressed on the forums would be to have a cash option for payment. If the concern is having no shows, maybe allow the feature to be enable/disabled in the back-end?
  5. toGO Demo?

    Our organization is currently on Lavu Lite and are thinking about upgrading our license so we can utilize Lavu toGO. Because it's a pretty big investment going from Lite to the gold membership, we were hoping we could demo Lavu toGO first and make sure this is something that would add benefit to our cafe. Is this possible?
  6. I am trying to configure my Bixolon SRP-275A printer, which is a USB device. Someone on the support team said it was possible but didn't send me in the right direction to find the answer. The printer setup options look like they are all based on IP so that concerns me. The printer is on a workstation share hooked up to a computer. Any help here would be appreciated.