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  1. Who wants to help a POSLAVU Newbie business get oriented?

    There is the open register button on the top right of the screen. I don't like to keep my key in the cash drawer during the day, so you might find the button more useful.
  2. Video Tutorial Suggestions

    I think a tutorial on all the little extras that take so much time to figure out, would be good for newbies and for some of us that are just finding out about, say, the slide split....we have been struggling with this and didn't even know that was available until today.
  3. I am using Epson Printers and they are working fine, but I don't like the look of the guest check with POSLAVU. I have tried to extend the line character number so that the item and price are side by side and that doesn't work on the back end. Is anyone else using Epson and is there a way to change the preset length of the line through the printer itself? They way it is printing right now is very confusing to the customer.
  4. I need help with setting up my Epson TM88 ethernet printers.