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  1. Refund Options

    If an order has been batched, can you reopen it from a previous day and refund it?
  2. Credit Card Swipers

    a customer has been using the uDynamo now for five days and they told me that the performance was better at first, but now it's the same as the iDynamo. When does Lavu anticipate to have all these swiping issues fixed? This should be pretty standard..
  3. Help with Clocking In

    when will some of those features be implemented? 1. clocking in to different jobs, 2. not allowing orders to be entered before clocking in.
  4. Server Adjusted Cash out

    Can we implement on the server report a line item showing the servers adjusted cash out? Please see the attached pDF for an example Scan_Doc0047.pdf
  5. Shift Reset and Tip OUT.

    Has this feature been implemented?
  6. manage tips

    when will the front end reporting be available for the servers to print a report that shows cash owed?