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  1. Mercury Down! 3/18/15 6:30PM EST

    Mercury is back up.
  2. There is no doubt that iPad POS is here today and it is getting better and better every day. So below are a few reasons you should consider an iPad POS before you consider upgrading your current legacy PC POS software and hardware. COST - An iPad POS system can be significantly less expensive than a traditional PC POS system. We have found that the iPad point of sale systems can be up to 70% less than legacy PC POS system like Micros, Aloha, Digital Dining, Future POS, 2Touch, etc. Read More
  3. Multiple Happy Hours On Thursday

    Hi Team, Currently there is only an option to allow one happy hour per day. For instance we have a client that has the below happy hours. They have two different specials. One is an everyday special and the other specials are different specials based on the day. Currently Lavu can't handle this clients specials and we have to create work arounds thus eliminating the automation of the specials. Any idea when we will get multiple happy hours per day? Any suggestions on work arounds would be great. 11:00am - 7:00pm (M T W T F S S) Everyday Happy Hour = $2.50 on Specific Drafts and Well Drinks 7:00pm - Close Monday: $7/9 pitchers Tuesday: $7 domestic pitchers, $2.50 well drinks Wednesday: $2.50 domestic bottles Thursday: $2.50 pints, $2.50 well drinks Friday: $2.50 Blue/Blue Light bottles Saturday: $2.50 Bud/Bud Light & Saranac products & Coors Lt bottles Sunday: $7/9 pitchers, $3 microbrews
  4. Timed Items to Kitchen

    Just wonder if Lavu is working on delayed orders to the kitchen. In other words based on course # or menu item orders are delayed from printing for a specified time. We are in talks with some big prospects and this is essential for larger franchises that have systematized processes. This seems like a logical next step after the KDS Pro was launched.
  5. Emailing receipts

    When will the option to resend receipt by email going to be available again? It has been about a year since there was an update. This seams like a very simple option to add and should be a feature that is already a part of POS Lavu. Come on guys lets get the details nailed down before adding some of the bigger features. The devil is in the details.
  6. LAVU TO GO Direct Printing?

    Hi Team, Any chance there will be a "direct" or auto print option for To Go orders? It would also be great to have the order auto print based on the timing of the item. So if someone wants a Pizza at 1pm and orders is at 11am the order would print at say 12:30pm so the cooks could start preparing the pizza for a 1pm pickup time. Finally, LAVU TO GO needs to have a delivery option connected to it. If the LAVU POS App can do this then it would be ideal if the Lavu To Go feature would have an option for Deliver or Pickup. Thanks, and keep up the good work TEAM LAVU!
  7. Hi Lavu Team, I have been running into more and more Pizza Shops and small places that deliver food that love the system but would like a mobile optimized Lavu TO GO offering. It works on the iPhone and other smarts phones as is but the buttons are tiny and so is the text. Are there plans to offer a “responsive†TO GO ordering system so that based on the device customers use the system scales properly to make ordering fast and easy? Just wondering.
  8. New KDS ???

    Still have not seen a reply from anyone on this. Would love to hear other peoples experiences with the Lavu KDS Pro setup.
  9. Make sure you set your static IP address to a higher IP address like You could have had an IP conflict where your printer nd nother device had the same IP Address.
  10. Hi Team, Does anyone have an updated status on the Lightning credit card readers? We have installed the Linea Pro 5 readers for our clients but the iDynamo "lightning" version does not seem to be working! Perhaps I am missing something but I thought POS Lavu supported the new lightning readers. What Lightning readers do work with POS Lavu? 1) iDynamo Lightning - ???? (Did not work for me - using TGATE readers, tried iPhone 5 & iPad Mini) 2) Linea Pro 5 - Works with TGATE (Confirmed, we have installed these at several locations) 3) Infinea Tab M & Infinea Tab 4 - ???? (Do these work with TGATE or any other processor)
  11. "Training Mode"

    Honestly I would much rather the Lavu Development team work on features that will improve the day to day operations of the system instead of work on a feature will only be used with new employees for a period of a few hours when they first start at the restaurant. There are so many other ideas, suggestions and feature requests that to be honest if Lavu never adds a training mode I would not be sad. The devs do seem to be prioritizing things really well. Keep up the great work TEAM LAVU!
  12. Add Tax To Credit Card Purchases

    This is huge for bars. We have lost a client or two just over this one feature. This feature alone would make a big improvement for current bar clients and help us get the system into more bars and nightclubs.
  13. Hi Buddy, We have installed POS Lavu in a lot of locations and from experience when that happens it is due to a networking issue. The main issues that our clients have run into are all related to networking issues. If you get the network settings right you should not have these issues. What is your network configuration? Are all your printers hardwired? Did you set static IP's for the printers? Are you using a Static IP address from your ISP? Keep us posted and let us know how things are going. Lavu truly is a great system and will dramatically improve and simply life for you. Matt
  14. Employee Classes Default Service Type

    It would be great to also have the ability to set a default "Service Type" based on employee class. Right now we have to manually switch the default "Service Type". It would be great if based on the job function it would automatically change the default "service type". This would help with staff that work as bar tenders and servers.
  15. Modifier Feature Update

    Hi Team, It would be great to have the ability to set where the modifier prints to. For example if we have a Steak that comes with a salad we should be able to say if the salad prints on the order and/or where it should print to.