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  1. New IOS 9.2 newest lavu version

    Thanks mww101! That's exactly what I wanted to know and not being fooled by not knowing the versions. I've been with Lavu since the beginning and I'm almost at the point of giving up. The reason I'm still with Lavu is because I have my businesses for sale and dont want to invest on other licenses. Lavu=stress, loss of revenue ?
  2. Anyone using the latest of everything: New IOS 9.2 newest lavu version? What is your experience? Im stuck on Retro and 8.4.1. I would like to use all the new features. Thank you!
  3. Anybody having problems right now?

    galenabrewery are you on eastcoast time?
  4. Anybody having problems right now? System really slow and orders disappearing?
  5. Paypal

    Nobody is using paypal yet?
  6. Paypal

    Anyone using paypal through Lavu yet? I enabled the payment button and it asks for a code or scan QR code. When I go to pay from paypal app doest give me a code or a QR code. Is this still work in progress? Where is the money going to get deposit: Mercury or Paypal? Thank you!
  7. Hello, Can someone tell me what is the setup for Epson TM-T88V deep switch Ethernet? I hard wired my 3 Epson kitchen printers and changed the deep switch from 7 on USB to 2-8 on for Ethernet and I have a 3sec delay on each printer printing. Also after 8pm I get the printing error. Something weird going on. Do you set the source to Auto when you go to settings? Any help much appreciated Thank you
  8. Why isnt Mercury providing the Infinea Tab Credit Card readers to their Customers? They did provide the i-udynamos which are worthless but not the good ones. Anybody was able to get them from Mercury? I mean this is crazy to pay 325 for a card reader. Its the price of the iPad You guys like them so far?
  9. Cash input column

    Hi there, I have a problem with one of my locations. The girls at the end of the shift put their tips by mistake under the cash column. They take that credit card tip. I never get it from mercury and that becomes a problem. Is there a way to disable the cash column? I dont understand why is there in first place. Nobody reports their cash tips. Just curious if someone else is having this problem and if there is a way to avoid it. Thank you!
  10. It doesn't look like something possible. The server should be telling the customer that the check is discounted by 1/2 and they should be tipping out on the whole amount. How often does this happens? Not a lot I hope
  11. Lavu to go ~ Issue Log

    I sent a request for testing out the beta lavu to-go and this is what I got in response: Thank you for your interest in testing this new feature. Unfortunately this new feature is currently only available for clients using Lavu Local Server. We are still in development of creating a version that will work with cloud accounts and our Lavu Controller. The Lavu Controller is a smaller piece of hardware that has our print queue software installed on it. It will be a while before we have this ready but I can keep you in mind for it if you are still interested.
  12. Lavu to go ~ Issue Log

    I thought lavu to-go only worked on the cloud? Now to be able to send tickets directly to kitchen printer you have to be on LLS?
  13. Weird

    Do it I did tonight and everything worked fine
  14. Epson TM-T88V Settings

    Any Tutorial on configuring Epson from USB to Ethernet? Deep switch and other settings to make it print? Thank you
  15. Hello, Is it possible to type in a note in lavu to-go? I'm trying to set it up to sell gift cards for the holidays, but I need a way for people to type in the address where to send the GF. I cannot use it yet for food since doesn't print directly to the kitchen, but gift cards should be fine since I don't have to mail them on the same day? Thank you