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  1. Routine Checklists

    I have a laminated checklist for opening and closing procedures. Only new employees actually check off tasks. Then we use Trello (think virtual marker boards) for tracking supplies. For example when an employee moves something to the "re-order" column I receive a notification on my phone (super helpful!).
  2. Credit Card Readers - what works

    I'm curious which credit card swipers are and aren't working for other businesses (iPad and iPod devices)? 2-3 years ago I had a miserable time going through multiple Magtek uDynamo and iDynamo swipers. Then through Mercury (now Vantiv) we moved to the Infinea Tab 2 Swiper and all has been well. Now I'm adding terminals and need additional credit card readers, but it appears my only options with POSLavu are the iDynamo and USB reader. Is everyone really using iDynamo swipers happily? Why is POSLavu no longer working with Infinea Tab and Linea Pro card readers? I just want to make sure I am using the most reliable card reader out there. In my opinion the credit card reader is more important that the POS software.
  3. We waste a lot of time a the end of night inputing credit card tips because we have to sort receipts by order number for easy input. Credit card receipts are obviously sorted by order close time, but orders in the iPad app are sorted by order open time (when order # is established). Is there a way to sort orders in the iPad app by order close time? Is there a setting I'm overlooking? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  4. I have "name to keep when generating new tab names from card swipes:" set as 'last name' but the system pulls first names and middle initials sometimes so we can't easily sort our screen and subsequently we can't use card swipes to start tabs. Anyone have a work around that allows their screen to sort properly AND allows you to generate tab names from card swipes? Thanks!
  5. Quickbooks Online Integration

    Vote for Quickbooks Online integration!
  6. Fast Cash & Repeat Round Buttons

    AGREE! Ability to hit 'fast cash' or swipe a card from the order screen (rather than going to the checkout screen) would be huge. Thanks for making this feature request!
  7. Speeding up check out times

    The ability to swipe a credit card or hit 'fast cash' button from the order screen would speed up checkout 1-3 seconds (without absolutely having to go to the checkout screen). Just a suggestion!
  8. Cash input column

    Pizzaiolo - for future reference you can call Mercury and have them charge tips to credit cards the following day so you do not lose out on those funds. I have had to do this when we've mistakenly batched prematurely, and it was simple to take care of over the phone.
  9. I'm looking forward to POSLavu button response time speeding up as well!
  10. can not log in or using at all

    The option to switch data centers seems to have been temporarily removed. However, I think the issue is quickly being fixed. My system is back up and running. Hopefully everyone else's will be soon! I recommend exiting out of your system every 5-10 min and then re-opening to see if it is fixed.
  11. can not log in or using at all

    New message on back admin: Attention! We are aware of an issue that may have affected some customers. Our software engineers were able to resolve this problem quickly. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.
  12. can not log in or using at all

    We are already on the Cumulus data center but I will try the other two. Thanks again!
  13. can not log in or using at all

    Thanks JPR Blue!
  14. can not log in or using at all

    Anyone know what is going on? Anyone talk to tech support and receive answers or direction on how to proceed?
  15. can not log in or using at all

    Friday night - system offline and no tech support!
  16. Merging orders - why pay twice?

    I agree that the merge process is very confusing. Now, with the 2.3 update I can't even swipe split and finalize the merge. Work arounds??? Am I missing something. Thanks!
  17. Pooled tip adjustment option

    I agree with eckenroed... Sort option for tip adjustments (by close time) would be awesome! Thanks for mentioning this!
  18. I had trouble too. At 7:45 MST Mercury made this comment on Facebook: We had some temporary processing problems and are investigating but should be back to normal now.
  19. Merging orders - why pay twice?

    I think the merge checks process is confusing, not intuitive, and it takes too many steps. This is probably why it is an often forgotten feature.
  20. Credit Card Swipers

    I am still having trouble with the iDynamo swiper as well: open tab swipe crashes app. I was having an issue with the swiper not recognizing anything entirely but that issue seems to have diminished. Otherwise the swiper is just picky about which swipes it wants to recognize (we have to be very precise). The udynamo sounds interesting. Anyone know if Mercury will offer this swiper?
  21. Edited Menu Items Disappear

    When I edit a menu item (i.e. change price) in the backend and then reload settings on the iPad most (if not all) edited items no longer appear in the iPad menu. I have to delete and recreate the menu items to make them show up. Anyone having this issue or know another way around it?
  22. Happy Hour Setup.

    I can view the 'happy hour' tab from an iPad in the backend but not via Firefox on my desktop computer... odd.
  23. Happy Hour Setup.

    I have happy hour pricing setup but I can no longer view the 'happy hour' tab under 'menu'. Maybe this has something to do with the recent POSLavu face lift? Or I'm blind? Help! Thanks!
  24. Offline Mode Update & Feedback

    Awesome to hear! I was curious how well using 'offline mode' would work and I'm glad to hear it works smoothly. Thanks for sharing!